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Sunday, 1 February 2015

2 Caspian Gulls at Trench Pool!

2nd winter Caspian Gull at Trench Pool and Salop go top after a 1-0 win against Newport! 

 Mid-afternoon I had quick scan with my bins at Trench Pool and I was rewarded with a first for the site. A 2nd winter Caspian Gull was washing with 15 other large gulls.  However, with in minutes a Buzzard flew over and flushed all the gulls over my house, NEE! Also on the pool were 3 Shoveler and 2 Goosander.  I returned an hour for the gull roost hoping that the casp might return. There were already some 1000 Black-headed Gulls in with an adult Yellow-legged Gull, but they were up and gone when they were spooked by a male Sparrowhawk. Thirty minutes later, there were over 2300 BLG roosting and were still coming in. There were only 10 large gulls and with them was a 1st winter Caspian Gull! The light was fading and it never came close.

2nd winter and 1st winter Caspian Gull at Trench Pool! 

 Continental Cormorant (sinensis) at Trench Pool. Is this the same bird that I first had at the sailing Lake last week and then Prisorlee Lake two days ago?

Here it is at Prisorlee Lake with 2 Cormorants

Here is the Buzzard that flushed the Caspian Gull

Shrewsbury returned to the top of League Two after a brilliant individual goal from Jean-Louis Akpa Akpro secured a 1-0 win at Newport County.

Ramallah Underground: a voice against oppression

Palastin HIP HOP Ramallah Underground is a musical collective based 
in Ramallah, Palestine. The artists Stormtrap, Boikutt and Aswatt are co-founders of the collective. The style of music includes hip-hop, trip-hop, electronica, downtempo and also more traditional Arabic styles. 

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