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Saturday, 27 October 2012


Possibly of the race halimodendri

  I had 15 minutes off work and at about 15.30, I thought I would have a brief look down the lane to Christmas House. I had just gone behind the campsite shop, when I saw movement in a large Pittosporum. Raising my bins I saw a Lesser Whitethroat. However, it had very pale upperparts contrasting with the grey head. I blasted off some shots before the bird flew off and disappeared into the campsite. I called a few people to tell them that I had a possible eastern type race Lesser Whitethroat. The first birders I saw were Adam Hutt and Paul Freestone and on showing them the images, they immediately identified it as an eastern race of possibly halimodendri

Note the tail pattern. The large amount of white on the outer-tail feather, while on the second outer-tail shows a large whitish tip.

Note also the sandy upperparts (paler tertials) contrasting with the grey head

This Redwing showed at very close range down the lane to Christmas House

Michael Davis Pratt (born March 10, 1957) known professionally as Jim White, is a Southern American singer-songwriter and guitarist. White's music can be loosely described as alternative country, but veers off in different, sometimes experimental directions with occasional nods[citation needed] to Tom Waits and the literary narratives of Flannery O'Connor, Cormac McCarthy, and Harry Crews. This is the first song I heard of Whites is this one and ever since I've been hooked!

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