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Sunday, 14 October 2012


BLACKPOLL WARBLER at Veronica Farm, Bryher

  Last night Higgo asked me to join him on the 08.00 boat to Bryher that he had organised with Dave Badcock for the birders to hopefully see Paul Dukes Blackpoll Warbler that he found three days ago in the Veronica Farm area.. I told him that I can't make it and as a result Higgo relocated the Blackpoll. He also observed a Great Spotted Woodpecker come in off the sea, while at the same time I got a text from Richard Thewlis about the one still present on the Garrison. At 12.15 I was on my way to Bryher, but I almost ended up on Tresco! The boat was first stopping off at Carn Near and as we were approaching the quay, Ildiko wanted to get off. In front of about 50 birders, who were on the boat, we had a friendly disagreement. She repeated that she wanted me to go to Tresco with her and I kept replying, no, I want to go to Bryher. In the end I found her pushing me and ending up standing on the quay. However, this was only briefly as she told me with a smile, that I could go to Bryher. Before Joe could pull off, I was on back on the boat. Now, for all those birders who were on that boat and heard everything that we were saying, I didn't leave her to wonder the islands on her own. I wouldn't of done that, even if there was a mega on Bryher. She was meeting all her friends on there. I just wanted to clear that as I didn't want anyone to think that I could be so cruel.
  News came on of the Blackpoll as we left Carn Near. However, the bird had gone missing when we all arrived. As I looked from a gate I saw a movement and shouted 3 times 'I've got it!' Bob Dawson, who was behind me was the first on it before the rest of the crowd arrived. For the next 20 minutes the warbler was showing well on and off in the hedge that borders Veronica Farm and the grass field.

The warbler showed well but was always too distant for the camera

The crowd that was observing the blackpoll 
  As I needed Coal Tit for Scilly I thought it would be a good idea to look for the 2 that have been hanging around on the island for the last few days. Despite looking all over the shop, I couldn't find them and gave up and went to have a look at the juvenile SOLITARY SANDPIPER that has been feeding on a tiny pool at the dump. The bird showed down to a few meters and when a tractor came in to unload, it pushed the sandpiper just across the road to the dung heap near Hell Bay Hotel.The only other birds I saw of note were, 1 Siskin, 1 Willow Warbler, 3 Chiffchaff, 5 Wheatear and heard a Water Rail

Mark Rayment

The area where the sandpiper was feeding

Here is yesterdays mystery acro found by Higgo on Bryher that some believe is a Blyth's Reed Warbler. All images taken by Mark Raymen took.You will have to blow up the images

White Wagtail 
Redstart and Willow Warbler at work

Bloxworth Snout 

This ones is for Ildiko. I have to listen to a lot of Hungarian music almost daily and this is one of the bands that I liked a lot immediately when I first heard them. One of the flagships of Hungarian alternative rock, which in the early years was floating on the waves at the Dunaújváros docks. Next to the underground guidelines, they play groovy rock hits and even folkish tunes. The poetic lyrics written by lead singer Tibor Kiss are now ecstatically quoted by generations. The band that gives dynamic live concerts has undergone several mutations as well as recently being involved in live theatre performances.

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