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Thursday, 14 March 2019

Spain Tarifa Day 3-4

Short-toed Eagle arriving in off the sea

 Day 3 was spent at the obs car park in the morning observing the raptors arriving in the calm condition. In the two hours that I was there some 40+Short-toed Eagle, 100+Black Kite, 2 Black Kite, 70+White Stork and a single Egyptian Vulture came in. Back at the hostel later, there were 4 Pallid Swift above. I returned to the car park but the wind had switched from NE to a westerly and with no raptors moving I drove east along the coastal road. After twenty minutes I was rewarded with over 1600 Black Kite arrive in four groups in the 45 minutes. Only 4 Short-toed Eagle and another Egyption Vultar tagged along with them.

  The following day was more or less the same with many Short-toed Eagles stil arriving and while in town, the eagles were flying over the castle with 4 White Stork and 2 Sparrowhawk

Looking west towards Tarifa lighthouse from the obs car park

One of the last Short-toed Eagles to come in just before dark with Morocco in the distance. I've got a feeling that there are goin to be a lot of photos of Short-toed Eagle

Only a single Booted Eagle today

Spot the Short-toed Eagle

And the Egyptian Vulture  

Part of the kettle of 600 Black Kite out of the 1700 I saw today

Two Swallowtail were also showing very well in the obs car park and was a new species of butterfly for me

Fan-tailed Warbler

Stonechat in good numbers in the area

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