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Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Cattle Egret at Ellesmere

I've been away for nearly two months and the Cattle Egret is still in the Ellesmere area.

  This afternoon I made my ways to north Salop to see if there was anythin on the meres. Also, the Cattle Egret had been relocated, after goin missing for a while, in fields next to the Llangollen Canal between Ellesmere Marina and the tunnel at Blakemere. The meres were dead but at Woodlane there were up to 10 Oystercatcher. Disappointed with the lack of wildfowl, I made a ten minute walk from the marina towards the tunnel and could see the Cattle Egret feeding on the shore of the canal on the opposite side ahead of me. For the next thirty minutes, I used a parking barge to hide behind as the egret had walked further away into the field only to return again and started to show pretty well.
  I finished the day off at the Ellesmere gull roost where I got 3 adult Mediterranean Gull but where are the Common Gulls!? Only six compared to the 1000s that roosted here over 20 years at this time of year with 500 still coming in at the beginning of April.

So pleased to observe this Cattle Egret at close range instead of 100 miles away when I twitched it over two months ago

In the first five minutes I had 3 adult Mediterranean Gull and saw them on and off throughout

Up to 10 Oystercatcher

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