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Sunday, 17 March 2019

Spain Punta del Carnero Day 5-6

Over 250 Short-toed Eagle were observed arriving from Morocco today 

  As the wind had changed coming from the west and as expected, nothin was moving after having a quick look from the obs car park. Twenty minutes later east of Tarifa, I arrived at Punta del Camaro and recognised some birders at the side of the road and joined them. Scanning from the cliff, in the four hours we were there, we got cracking views of Short-toed Eagle as they came in. However, we were disappointed when one of the birders on the Whatsapp group in the area got news of a Lesser Spotted Eagle had flown past some birders who were next to the lighthouse just around the corner!!

And we could see the lighthouse from where we were as a Short-toed Eagle glides through!

Totals included

250+Short-toed Eagle
16 Booted Eagle
2 Egyptian Vulture
1 male Marsh Harrier
1 Osprey (resident)
6 Sparrowhawk
100+Black Kite
4 Black Stork
37 White Stork
1 House Martin

16 Booted Eagle was a high number for this time of year 

4 Black Stork flew into the bay

White Stork with the north end of The Rock

Short-toed Eagles

  The following morning I woke to low cloud and very strong easterlies. I made the short drive to the obs car park and just outside Tarifa there were 52 Griffon Vulture hanging low battling with the gust, although they seemed to have it in total control. After spending some time with them I was at the car park and you couldn't see Morocco from the clouds. I met Bryan Leecy from west Yorkshire sheltering behind a small building. In an hour he had seen nothing but told me of a male Pied Wheatear that he had down road! I was hoping he would say that he had it yesterday when I asked him when did you see it? 'Four days ago!' He didn't realise that it was a mega for Spain! We made our ways to where he had seen it but nothing! We returned to the car park and the clouds had cleared and as expected the raptors with arriving in force. In one scan, there were over 50 Short-toed Eagle coming across with lesser numbers of Black Kite! 
  Later on I had a walk down the coastal road and there were a single Red-rumped Swallow, pairs of Cirl Bunting and Thekla's Larks in good numbers.
From 11.45-14.10 these were the totals

600+Short-toed Eagle
3 Booted Eagle
6 Egyptian Vulture
200+ Black Kite
4 Sparrowhawk
4 Swallow 
1 Tree Pipit

52 Griffon Vulture in the dull weather

Up to 6 Egyptian Vulture passed through

Black Kite

Over 600 Short-toed Eagle moved through

Male Sardinian Warbler

Male Cirl Bunting

Thekla's Lark

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