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Thursday, 29 December 2016

La Fortuna Costa Rica

male Red-legged Honeycreeper in the center of La Fortuna

  Been in La Fortuna for the last two days now and just been relaxing below Volcano Arenal after working at the animal center for over three weeks. I like it here a lot and the area is a good place for birding as I found out when I was here almost five years ago. However, I ain't done much of that as I would of liked to. I'll let the photos do the talking starting with some pics from working at the animal center.

A baby Two-toed Sloth taking protection!

Myself and a Spider Monkey. I'm the one on the left! The monkey was a pet before arriving at the animal center where I'm working

Feeding the Kinkajous 

Anna with Moe who was also a pet before she arrived at the center. I meant the lorikeet not Anna!

The Howler Monkeys not letting us work as usual!

I had this strange looking moth on the Parrot enclosure 


Pygmy Ferruginous Owl

While swimming in the river, we had cracking views if a Sunbittern and Anna found a group of bats sp roosting in a small concrete building next to the river.

Green Basilik Lizard

Spiny-backed Orbweaver

Lots of different species of Crab Spiders in the area

Big Preying Mantis...

..And small Preying Mantis...

And this is where the small one ended!

Two male Preying Mantis on top of a female

Assassan Bug

Tennessee Warbler

The main square in Alajuela

The buses we used to get around were very cheap and a very good system

I brought these trainers on Christmas Eve for this kid I played football with outside the center on the road with his mates during the time i was there. They all had Nike, Adidas trainers and he only had shoes with holes in. He lived in a small tin house with his family. They had nothing really. Now he can show off his footy skills in his new trainers! Dig the T-shirt I'm wearing!

I've hardly done any birding since arriving at La Fortuna. So far I've seen Black and White, Tennessee, Yellow and this Chesnut-sided Warbler close to the digs

Long-tailed Hermit

As well as this Rufus-tailed Hummingbird, which are all over the shop, I've also observed Striped-tailed, Purple-crowned Fairy and Purple-throated Mountain gem

Keel-billed Tacun

Collard Aracari

Male Green Honeycreeper

Male and female Red-legged Honeycreeper

Lake Arenal

One of my favorite bands, Still Corners

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