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Friday, 16 December 2016

San Jose, Costa Rica 2

Emerald Glass Frog

  Yesterday evening was spent searching for nightlife five minute walk away from my digs. The sound of frogs you could hear all over the shop as you hit the river. Four of us made our ways up stream and were very successful. I'm still in the process of identifying some of the life we encountered last night and it would be a great help if anyone can let me know what the unidentified species are.

Clothed Slug Moth larva sp?

Blue-mouthed Moth larva 

Slender Anole

Male Scaly-backed Anole

Striped Basilik Lizard

Small-headed Tree Frog

Common Rain Frog

Frenchman's Glass Frog

Rainforest Land Crab

Wandering Spider sp?

Leopard Wandering Spider

Fishing Spider

Spider sp?

Spider sp?

These bug are all over the shop?

Green-striped Dragonfly

This was in the garden

Green Lizard

Common Basilik Lizard

Turkey Vulture

Great track by Blitzen Trapper

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