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Saturday, 31 October 2015

St Agnes at it's best!

This Marsh Warbler at Browarth, St Agnes, was only my forth for Scilly 

  With ESE breeze and overnight rain, it felt promising this morning with the clear blue skies. As arranged a few days ago, I was having the afternoon off to stay over at Graham's on St Agnes and did I pick the right day. I was watching a Yellow-browed Warbler and 2 Firecrest in the campsite garden when Ritchie called to tell me that Jim had trapped the 12th CETTI'S WARBLER for Scilly at Porth Hellick. I took some guest to the airport, where I saw 39 skylark and a single Black Redstart, and then shot down road with Richard Thewlis to join the small gathered crowed at Porth Hellick. Just as Jim released the warbler, a look across the pool and there was the juvenile Osprey. I had it earlier over work and that's when I got info from Graham that andy carol had found a Marsh Warbler on St Agnes and the Palla's and Dusky Warbler were still present. This was followed a short time later with now a Little Bunting over there and by the cricket pitch Graham found a Barred Warbler. Not to worry, I'll be there in half an hour.

CETTI'S WARBLER trapped and ringed at Porth Hellick

Osprey top of tree at Porth Hellick

Yellow-browed Warbler at the campsite garden, Garrison

  Within 15 minutes of being on St Agnes I had connected with the Marsh warbler in the bracken at Browarth. It showed superbly at close range. However, the Barred Warbler was just a two minute walk away from Browarth, and proved, although I did see it well but briefly. Troy Town was next to hopefully see the Palla's Warbler in the turnip field. I only been there for ten minutes and seen lots of Chiffchaff and Goldcrest when the Palla's zipped passed in front of me and showed off in a hedge just to my left. It made it ways down to the end of the field and disappeared to be replaced by a Siberian Chiffchaff. Great stuff! Moving onto Old lane, I took a turning off into a weedy field to be immediately put onto the Dusky Warbler. Like everything else that I've seen in the last hour, it also showed very well. No sign of the Little Bunting in the same area, but a Woodcock and male Merlin flew through.
  In the fading light, I had brief views of the Barred Warbler again and a Siberian Chiffchaff was flycatching with some 20 Chiffchaff at Lower Town. Bob Dawson reckoned that there were at least 6 Siberian Chiffchaff on the island and between us maybe 100+Chiffchaff with 50+ at Periglis. as night fell, all you could hear was the sound of Redwing moving out and with them no doubt, the Chiffchaff. With the same winds continuing overnight, but clear skies, I think it might prove to be another good day tomorrow.

  Elsewhere the only other bird of note was the 6th Palla's Warbler of the autumn at Church quay, Bryher, found by Ren and Higgo.

Marsh Warbler and 2 Firecrest were at browarth

Record shot of the Palla's Warbler at Troy Town

Could we have two different Dusky Warblers?? The two top pics were taken in the weedy field off Old Lane and the other one was taken very close by just off Barnaby Lane. Note the broad super on the lower pic compared to the narrow and tappering off super on the above pics. However, this could be to do with light and angle as this can present the bird looking different in photographs. While observing the Old Lane individual, Renten and I thought we heard very briefly 2 birds calling! 

Siberian Chiffchaff at Lower Town farm, ended an amazing day on St Agnes!

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