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Friday, 23 October 2015

Islanders 4 Birders 0

If it wasn't for the outstanding saves from our goal keeper and man of the match, Kevin Kelly, then the score would of been a lot higher Jim Almond

  It was 12 years ago, 2003, that the last football match between the Islanders v Birders took place after starting sometime in the '70's. At 10.30, Sunday just gone, the tradition was back on track again, thanks to the efforts from both Scott Reid and Elliot Mudd. Even though I've lived on the island for nearly 20 years, since '92, when I was first visiting Scilly, I've always played for the birders. So it only seemed right to continue playing for the same team. A team that have never played with each other before, came on The Garrison football pitch full of confidants, passion and commitment. The islanders, who I play with every week, our young, fit, skillful (non of these I'm not) and know each other inside out. So realistically it didn't look so hopeful for us. However, even though the ball spent most of it's time in our half of the pitch, we held it together, thanks to Kevin Kelly, and it wasn't until over 30 minutes into the game that the islanders scored. Just before half time we were down to 2-0.
  We came out with our heads held high and it looked a bit more promising as we started to push forward and as a result, we hit the post. An own goal at the other end made it 3-0 and shortly afterwards, it was 4 before the whistle blew to end a tough physical game. We all gave it 100% and look forward to winning next year!

All photos taken by our sports photographer Jim almond. See more pics on his blog

Warming up our muscles 

Zac laying off a pass

Jay skinning the Islanders alive!

Ollie putting the ball out to safety 

A counter attack by us...

...Nearly paid off

and again with Mike's shot just brushing off the post

Mike and I decided to show off some disco moves. I think mine is better than his

Me pointing at somethin A fly I think

Kevin pulling off so many great saves to the frustration of the Islanders

I don't know if the crowd are clapping or just warming their hands. Or maybe they got bored and started clapping to Chesney singing

Next year guys this will be ours!

2015 Birders football team

and this was taken in 1994 when we won 4-2. I'm on the far right with the rugby boots and hair!

Thanks to Birdguides for sponsoring us and non other than Killian Mullarney for the art work on the badge of a Black and Warbler on the kit. 

Today a lot of stuff seems to have moved out with only a scattering of Yellow-browed Warblers on the islands and the BLYTH'S PIPIT continue to show well on Pennins. 

Yesterday at Content, I had this Northern Willow Warbler and by the dispaced white narrow feather on it's left wing, it proved to be the individual that I found over a week ago just up road at Newford. 

Also 2 Yellow-browed Warbler were feeding in the same Sycamores as a Firecrest and the warbler. At the same time there were another 2 Yellow-browed Warbler and a single Firecrest at Newford and the Crossbill was in the area. 

Up to 60 Meadow Pipit on the Garrison

Note that this female Stonechat has a ring on left leg. This might indicate that it was ringed as a pullas in the nest locally.

Blackbirds and Fieldfare

  Yesterday on St Mary's, the Richard's Pipit was still  present on the airfield with the Short-toed Lark. A Little Bunting was found freshly dead under a window at Porthloo. The Ortolan Bunting and the Olive-backed Pipit were on St Martins. The pipit was on it's last legs and was observed falling over. The second Spotted Sandpiper of the year was a one day juvenile on Tresco Great Pool, 21st.

From her latest Lp 'Indian Ocean' Frazey Ford is a Canadian singer-songwriter. She was a founding member of The Be Good Tanyas. Her solo debut Obadiah was released on Nettwerk on July 20, 2010. Jenny Charlesworth of The Georgia Straight wrote that a few of the songs "swing with a mellow neo-soul beat enlivened by buttery vocals", and noted influences from rhythm and blues singers Ann PeeblesRoberta Flack, and Donny Hathaway.

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