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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

50+Ring Ouzel on Scilly

Male Ring Ouzel at St Mary's golf couse

 Today was Ring Ouzel day with a total of over 50 birds spread out between Bryher (10), St Agnes (15-20) and St Mary's (26) as the other islands weren't covered. . On the latter island I managed to see 10 birds and while driving some guests to the stables, I got cracking views of one of the 2 Osprey that were seen earlier in the day on St Martins, low over Maypole. There were 7 Swallow at Newford with another 5 Swallow at Bants Carn where I dipped out on the 2 Wryneck that Will Scott found. Just before dark I was at Porth Hellick where there were 2 Green sandpiper, the female Garganey and 2 male Teal were displaying to a female. At 20.30, Ren called to say that he got the Hoopoe on the campsite that was found in the morning and that he had just had an adult Night Heron fly from Porthcressa towards Morning Point. Just as I put the phone down, an adult Night Heron flew over Porth Hellick pool out into the bay. Also of note today were good numbers of Continental Song Thrush. I had over 30 birds in one field on the Garrison. On St Agnes there were over 100 birds and Higgo had 70+ on Bryher. Other birds that he saw were a Long-eared Owl, 45 Wheatear and a single Jackdaw. Bob dawson also found a Wryneck on St Agnes.

4 of the 10 Ring Ouzel in the fields below the Golf Course

This Osprey showed well at Maypole, but was always right into the sun

Got Ritchie's Rook at the airfield

I saw 2 adult Night Heron at Porth Hellick yesterday, but missed out on the immature that flew in with this adult.

It was good to Swallow moving through

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