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Sunday, 5 April 2015

10 Night Heron on scilly

1st summer Night Heron at Porth Hellick

  I saw a lot of Night Herons again today. It started off with the 1st summer that I almost stood on at the ringing station as it was on it's last legs and it only just managed to get up and crash into the reeds. also got the female Garganey on the pool. With robin, I went to Lower Moors, and as soon as I got out of me wagon, heard a Willow warbler and then one of the adults was flying around and landed at Carn Leh. At the same time, Robin got the other adult at the Dump Clump. As I knew where the individual I saw had landed, I called everyone and 30 minutes later, we all had good flight views as it returned to Lower Moors. On the airfield I got 2 wheatear and a male merlin

Record shots of the adult Night Heron at Lower Moors and Carn Leh

  Late afternoon, in a breezy SE, I had just started walking the Garrison when Martin called to say that he had a male Hen Harrier at Porth Hellick and 2 1st summer Night Heron. So again I picked everyone up and as we were making our way to the site, we were getting calls from other birders telling us where to go as they kept track of the harriers movement. Eventually the bird settled at Higher Moors where it was perched. For the next 40 minutes, we all observed it flying around before it flew off towards Porth Hellick and out of sight. It returned and seem to roost on the loop trail.
  At the ringing station, the 1st summer Night Heron that I had earlier in the morning, was relocated and showed down to a few meters. Higgo and I were the only ones that stayed till almost dark and were rewarded with one of the adult Night Heron briefly showing well in front of the hide before flying off to feed in the bay. The Hen Harrier also showed again and seem to roost at Higher Moors.
  This morning, we contacted a local on Tresco and asked him to keep an eye on the Great Pool at dusk for Night Heron. As a result three birds were seen at the east end of the pool. One pic taken shows an adult and he said that the others were also the same.
  So how many are there now? At Porth Hellick there are 2 adult and 1st summers and a 2nd summer with 2 adults at Lower Moors. Add the 3 on Tresco and it makes a total of a record 10 Night Heron. The most seen before this was spring '90 when  9 birds were seen.

Before this, the only other male Hen Harrier that I've seen on Scilly was May '00

This 1st summer Night Heron showed superbly, but not surprising as it's on it's last legs

All of us enjoying the harrier. Note Chesney's hair

If you can't see it, here's a close up. He's the one in the middle. Just didn't want anyone to get confused with Lucy and Higgo

Followed by a front on view. Look how slick and shiny it is as it reflects from the sun

Looking so cool with Will

You look so good mate! 

The best British bands of the 90's onwards, The Verve and top draw, Richard ashcroft.

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