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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

PARROT CROSSBILL at Blackdown, W Sussex

Female PARROT CROSSBILL at Blackdown, West sussex

  Another day with John and this time we drove south to West Sussex to hopefully see a PARROT CROSSBILL that was discovered last weekend at Blackdown. It was bright and below freezing and we joined the small crowd on the one of the main tracks over looking a small frozen pool where the Crossbill comes into drink. We could hear crossbills all over the shop and they came in and out of the area in small numbers. A few of the crowd departed when news broke of yesterdays Paddyfield Warbler at Pagham Harbour. It didn't take long for the parrot to arrive and I gave a shout when I spotted it on the left in a small Birch. It was all too brief and it flew off out of sight. Every one managed to get onto to it before it disappeared, but a few minutes later I relocated it again on top of a pine nearby. It then flew into to one of the pines above us and from here we all observed it for a good ten minutes at close range in good light. As the Paddyfield was only 20 miles down road, John and I decided to go with the flow and give it a try. We arrived and was told that it had  not been seen for 30 minutes. There was a bite in the every increasing wind and at 13.30, we both had enough. We had made the right decision as it was not seen again after we left.

Although I had not seen one before, when I first got onto the bird, I was surprised to see that it was not the heavy chunky bill I exspected. I could clearly see that the bill was heavier than that of the other Crossbills and everyone that I spoke to, seemed to be very happy that it was a Parrot Crossbill.

At Pagham Harbour a lot of birders, who have seen Parrot Crossbill before, but not this one, also looked at me pics and were in favour that it was a Parrot Crossbill too.  

This Wren popped up in front of me while waiting for the Paddyfield

Dave Grohl singing live 'Razor' with the Foo Fighters.


  1. You done well to get a shot by the sounds of it. A very smart bird to get.

  2. I was pleased to see this bird and I take my hat off to the finder.