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Saturday, 25 February 2012

WILSON'S SNIPE at Lower Moors

Presumed to be the same WILSON'S SNIPE from 2011 that was last seen on the 24th December.

  I thought I would return to Lower Moors and try for the Short-eared Owl this morning. For the forth time this year, after returning back from the mainland over 2 weeks ago, I ventured into the ISBG Hide. From here there were 7 Snipe and the Jack Snipe on the far side. 4 of them appeared black and white, but one individual stuck out from the rest. All I could see was the upper part of the bird and after 10 minutes, it started moving. Thinking that it was possibly the Wilson's Snipe, that was last reported on the 24th December last year, for the next 20 minutes I was glued to it. Then it stretched it's wings and briefly showed it's axillaries, before moving deeper into cover. A quick glance on the camera and yes it looked very good. I was late for work and there was no way I would be going home for a while.  When I found time I went to Ren's and he too seemed to think it looked good. However, I still needed to see the pics up on the computer and have a closer look. After work I rushed to the Scillonian Club and showed the pics to both Higgo, 925 and Big Al. 'Higgo, think I got that bloody snipe?' He looked at the pics on the camera and said 'Put the news out boy, It's a WILSON'S SNIPE!'

WILSON'S SNIPE at Lower Moors

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