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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Back home on Scilly

Firecrest at Rose Hill 
  I arrived back home on Scilly 4 days ago, 8th February. The following morning I took my  time walking to work and heard a Firecrest at Sunnyside. A shortcut through the fields and I could hear another Firecrest near Rosehill. It was joined by another bird and both of them briefly showed well. A quick detour to Lower Moors found the female BLUE-WINGED TEAL on shooters Pool and at Porthmellon the 1st winter male Eider was in bay and I observed one of the juvenile Iceland Gulls fly out towards Porthloo. I crossed town and found that the male Black Redstart was still present at Little Porth with 2 Chiffchaff. I finally got to Star Castle and a male Peregrine flew over towards Tresco. Not a bad start to my first day back and that was just in a 45 minute walk!

There were 2 Firecrest together at Rose Hill

The female BLUE-WINGED TEAL at Shooters Pool

   Graham was over from St Agnes and also went for a longer walk around St Mary's.  There was an obvious small influx of Firecrest as Graham also saw 3 different birds. A single at Lower Moors and 2 at Holy Vale. He also got the Pink-footed Geese near Mount Todden.

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  1. People thought that my life was a doodle, but 2 months annual leave and then back to those birdless islands cant be bad. I have had to make do with some winter thrush action, mind you they could have waited until the weekend to strip every berry from my cotoneaster.

    Good health