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Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Eyed (top) and Popar Hawkmoth 

  Mick was checking the last moth trap when I arrived at his house this morning. There were 40+moths in the trap and the highlight for me was an Eyed and Poplar Hawkmoth. Mick traps these two species, now and then, but the last ones that I saw was a few years back, also in Mick's garden.

Martin Goodey 

Martin Goodey 

Eyed and Poplar Hawkmoth trapped overnight in Mick's garden 

Later in the evening with Robin, we had a look at Porth Hellick. Here at the crossroads there was a single Swift feeding with good numbers of 45+House Martin and 30+Swallow  As we walked through the entrance, a Turtle Dove starting purring to our left. Nothing at Salakee, so on my own I continued on to have a look at the airfield and found that there were still 6 Wheatear present.   

I have had this damn Tick sucking blood out of me for the last few days. Held and squeezed the flat part of it's body that was sticking out and with a twist and turn, it was in my palm of my hand dead, or so I thought. For a few seconds it just lay therebefore it started crawling over my skin! This time it was not getting any more blood from me and I let it go in the grass nearby.

Here's some of the other moths that were caught in the moth trap in Mick's garden. I will identify them all when I find time.

Barred Red 

Willow Beauty 

Small Square-spot 

Marbled Minor 


Small Angle Shades 

Scalloped Hazel 

Setaceous Hebrew Character

Chryscteuchia culmella a grass moth (pyralid

Small Seraphim 

Grey Pug 

Foxglove Pug
This one I found in my house

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