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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Darter, bugs and moths

 Found this female Ichneumon wasp (Ichneumonidae)at Giant's Castle.   

It was a day of finding insects, but frustratingly, not knowing what they were. Robin and I were at Giant's Castle for over an hour seawatching. As it was a NW, F5-6 we didn't exspect much and were right. 12 Manx Shearwater and 32 Gannet. On our return to the car, there was a Whimbrel in Porth Hellick Bay and over 30 Red-necked Footman Moth were flying high in Salakee pine belt. 

There were over 10 of these orthops kalmii bugs together at Porth Hellick 

Fly sp? at Porth Hellick 

My first walk along the dead pine trail in a month, produced the first female Common Darter of the year. I also saw this bald-headed male Blackbird singing on the roof of the toilet blocks at the campsite. 

 After work, I went to Mick's to see want moths he had trapped over night. The highlight was a July Highflyer. Here's a list of what was trapped and a few pics from the last two days

July Highflyer 

Red-necked Footman  

Burnished Brass 


Scalloped Oak 

1 Epermenia chaerophyllella
1  Epiphyas postvittana 
1  Cnephasia sp 
8  Celypha lacunana 
1  Epiblema uddmanniana 
2  Chrysoteuchia culmella 
1  Crambus perlella 
2  Eudonia angustea 
1  Garden Pebble 
2  Rusty Dot Pearl 
1  Grass Emerald 
1  Riband Wave 
5  Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet 
3  Common Marbled Carpet 
3  Grey Pine Carpet 
1  Rivulet 
1  The Magpie 
11  Willow Beauty 
1  Brussels Lace 
1  Light Emerald 
1  Red-necked Footman 
7  White Ermine 
7  Buff Ermine 
20  Heart and Dart 
9  Flame 
1  Flame Shoulder 
1  Ingrailed Clay 
1  Small Square-spot 
4  Setaceous Hebrew Character 
1  Knot Grass 
7  Marbled Minor agg 
7  Vine's Rustic 
1  Burnished Brass 
3  Straw Dot 
4  Snout 
2  Pinion-streaked Snout 

And from yesterday

Riband  Wave

Knot Grass 

Pinnon-streaked Snout 

Ingrailed Clay 


Brussel's Lace 

Grey Pine Carpet 

Clay-coloured Weevil was also in the moth trap 
Yellowtail Moth caterpillar in me garden

1  Coleophora spinella 
1  Agapeta hamana 
12  Celypha lacunana 
1  Cydia ulicetana (=succedana) 
1  Cydia pomonella 
3  Chrysoteuchia culmella 
2  Eudonia angustea 
1  Small Magpie 
2  Rusty Dot Pearl 
1  Nomophila noctuella 
1  Small Fan-footed Wave 
2  Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet 
2  Common Marbled Carpet 
1  July Highflyer 
1  Brown Silver-lines 
1  Scalloped Oak 
4  Willow Beauty 
16  White Ermine 
1  Buff Ermine 
50  Heart and Dart 
1  Dark Sword-grass 
7  Flame 
1  Flame Shoulder 
2  Large Yellow Underwing 
1  Ingrailed Clay 
10  Setaceous Hebrew Character 
1  Nutmeg 
1  Bright-line Brown-eye 
1  Common Wainscot 
2  L-album Wainscot 
1  Dark Arches 
13  Marbled Minor agg 
5  Vine's Rustic 
1  Pinion-streaked Snout 

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