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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

First Ringlet of the year

The first Ringlet of the year was at Trenoweth 

  John Bird, one of the locals, told Tony that he's been flushing a Buzzard sp for the last two mornings while walking around the vines at Silver Carn. Thinking it might be the Honey Buzzard that was seen yesterday, we met outside my house at 07.30 and made the short walk into the fields where John had seen the bird. Half an hour later I had to go to work and left them to it. At 08.40, Robin had found one of the Buzzards from Tresco in the pines at Porth Hellick House. Here it showed very well, but was quickly moved on by the local Carrion Crows. We guessed that this is more than likely the bird that John's being flushing. However, just after 14.00, Robin got me up to Trenowth looking for the HONEY BUZZARD he had just seen flying over his house towards Juliet's.
   No sign, but returning to the Wagon, a dark butterfly flew past and settled on a Buttercup. Just as I thought, it was the first Ringlet of the year.

Juvenile Greenfinch at Holy Vale 

Agapeta hamana and Celypha lacuna both these tortrix moths were at Holy Vale and very common on the islands 

This leafhopper, Eupteryx urticae was at Porth Hellick Thanks Robin  

  In the evening, still searching the skies for the Honey Buzzard, I made my way down through Holy Vale towards Porth Hellick. 2 Chiffchaff and a male Blackcap was at the crossroads were the only birds of note. When I was nearing Deep Point, Smoothy text me to say that he had a Golden Plover sp fly off from the golf course. As he was playing golf himself, he didn't get anything on it and asked me to check it out. Robin picked me up and with in minutes of arriving at the course, we identified a stunning summer plumage male 'Northern' Golden Plover! What was it doing here?  

Summer plumage male 'Northern' Golden Plover feeding on the golf course just before dark, was a very unusual record for this time of year.  

Yesterday this Cormorant was drying itself off in front of the hides at Lower Moors 

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