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Friday, 3 June 2011


Pale morph adult male HONEY BUZZARD over Trenowth

   Yesterday I had twenty minutes to have a look at Porth Hellick. As I got out of the wagon, I could hear a Carrion Crow mobbing something. I ran up the road and looked over towards Holy Vale. There I saw the crow flying towards me and behind it, for a few seconds, a large raptor flying away from me until it disappeared behind the trees. I immediately identified the raptor as a buzzard sp and in the brief view, I strongly suspected it to be a HONEY BUZZARD! I called Robin and told him that I have just had a buzzard and I'm pretty sure it's a Honey. I repeated this to a few others that I called, and then got back in the wagon and drove in the direction to where I thought it might be flying to. I caught up with Robin at Pungi's Lane and we spent the next half an hour looking from Carn Vean over towards Holy Vale and there was no sign of it. It was never seen seen again and I thought it had gone straight through and forgot all about it. Until today, when Higgo spotted it over the heliport on Tresco. Shortly after that, Martin had it over Trenowth, back on St Mary's, being mobbed by a Carrion Crow, and then at 13.30 it was on Samson with one of the Marsh Harrier's.

HONEY BUZZARD being harassed by a Carrion Crow at Trenowth
  I didn't stop all day at work and the only birds of note that I saw were 2 Swift with 15+House Martin over the airport.

Snout in the garden 

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