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Sunday, 23 January 2011

A good day out!

  The weather was a lot better this morning, so we made our way to the south of the county. Here the highlights were Goshawks, Merlin, lots of Ravens and a single Dipper. I got out the car and walked into a field and watched a blue male Merlin put up 50+Yellowhammers. I scanned the skies and way in the distance I picked up a male Goshawk. When the hawk had flown out of site, I looked up to see 2 more birds, male and a female, at much closer range.
  A quick look at venus on the return home, found 2 fem Pintails and on the sailing lake, a fem Goldeneye and 3 fem Gooseander.  Nearby, just out of Cressage, I found that an adult Whooper Swan had joined the three already present that arrived just over a month ago, just out of Cressage with over 70 Mute Swans.

Up to 3 Goshawks were in the area

Dipper showing very well at Longnor

One of the 4 adult Whooper Swans near Cressage

Venus Pool

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