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Thursday, 13 December 2018

Oman Day 7 Parks

You can always find superb male Shining Sunbird in the parks

   Day 6 was spent mostly relaxing and taking a stroll around Salalah. The following day, 8th December, I tried for some of the specialities in the area that I had not seen yet. No such luck but it turned out to be still a good day. I'm just happy in seeing flocks of Rose-coloured Starling and Shining Sunbird and all the other common species. As I was in the area to the east of Salalah, there were two parks I visited, Taqah and Mirbat Public Park. It was early afternoon when I took a look in the former park. Except for a Barred Warbler, there was nothing new for the two hours I was in this rather large park. Sykes and White Wagtail were on the immaculate lawns with a male Turkestan Shrike in the center. There were also 2 Daurian Shrike, 6 Hoopoe, 4 Glamorous Reed Warbler and I flushed over 30+Bruce's Green Pigeon and Desert Lesser Whitethroat were all over the shop. Since I arrived in Oman I've only seen Rose-coloured Starling from a distance. In the west side of the park there were over 150 in the tall trees but always deep in cover. I got some cracking views but could I get one single photo of them?

My first Booted Eagle of the trip was a light phase over the park with an Eastern Imperial Eagle

Barred Warbler

Over 150 Rose-coloured Starling were in the park

This male Shining Sunbird was constantly on the move chasing off other males who dared to come in his tree that he was protecting. 

Male Sykes's Wagtail

Male Turkestan Shrike 

Up to 6 Hoopoe wree in the area

This Arabian Chameleon was out in the open and was a first for me

In the toilet there were 2 Stripped Hawk-moth and with other moths, I let them all go outside

   After spending an hour in the toilet, I couldn't wait to escape from that building with all the moths. To the next town, Mirbat, and try out their public park. This was half the size of the one I just left with most of the garden being another immaculate lawn. It was really nothing but these parks are oases, in this cases, where there are not many trees or cover or immaculate lawns. As I discovered you never know what hides in these large gardens and walking off the path, I flushed out a Eurasian Scops Owl out of a fruit tree. My attention was turned to a buzz call from a flava wagtail. Always worth searching for, hoping it might be a good en, but it was another male Grey-headed Wagtail feeding with Sykes's Wagtail.  I walked the park in an hour and then focused on the large mobile flock of Rose-coloured Starling and was rewarded with 3 Starling and an immature Wattled Starling. There were at least 3 Glamorous Reed Warbler calling and as I walked out of the park, a Daurian Shrike was the last bird of the day.

In the small hedge to the right were Glamorous Reed Warbler

Male Grey-headed Wagtail

It seemed strange looking for a Starling among the large flock of Rose-coloured Starling but I managed to find 3 Starling

I only saw this immature Wattled Starling front on and at the time had no idea which species of starling it was.

The male Shining Sunbird showed a lot better in this park

Still trying to find out what species of lizard this is.

Hypolimnas sp.

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  1. Hi, the butterfly is a Hypolimnas sp.

  2. Thanks for that info on the butterfly. You didn't leave your name and I couldn't reply to you

  3. The lizard looks like it may be Calotes versicolor, if you hadnt got round to id'ing it.