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Saturday, 8 December 2018

Kuwait Day 10 Twitched the Indian Roller

I twitched the Indian Roller in Kuwait City on my last day of being in Kuwait

  Mush was on his ways back home when I made the short drive to twitch the Indian Roller at Adan's Hospital in the city that's been there for a while. I didn't know where to go when I got out of me wagon at the hospital car park. I could see a park not so far away and guessed that this is where it's probably hanging out but after forty minutes, the only bird of note was a single Barred Warbler. I walked out of the park at the opposite end to where I came in and flushed the bloody thing off one of the lamp posts. It didn't go far and after ten minutes of flying around from post to post, it allowed me to approach it and observe it at close range. i saw a lot of these birds in Thailand, this time last year also in parks, but none of them showed like this individual.

Indian Roller with Adan's Hospital in the background

 I had a couple of hours before making my ways also to the airport. I drove through the city to get to Doha Spit to scan through the gulls and waders. I was almost there, as the clouds covered the blue sky, on the approach road, when I could see 3 Bee-eater on the telephone wires and pulled over. To my delight they were 3 Blue-cheeked Bee-eater! A new species for me as there is no way I'm counting the two I saw 100 mile away at Al Abrag Ranch. They didn't stick around and flew off SW. At the spit there was nothing except for the Long-legged Buzzard that we've had in all are visits here.

Why did the sun go in when I was observing these 3 Blue-cheeked Bee-eater?

I had this Greater Spotted Eagle on the way to the airport

And a flock of over 70 Pallid Swift
  In theten days that we wee in Kuwait, Mush and I thought in the first two days of being here that this trip was a big mistake and we timed it wrong because of the unusually heavy rains. However, the sun came out and that made a big difference and it turned out to be a great time with a good iole mate. We both got ourselves a few new species and found 3 Calandra Lark and an Eversmann's Redstart, 4th and 15th records for Kuwait respectively! If you do visit Kuwait I recommend that you go to Al Shaheed Park in Kuwait City and in the middle of the desert, Al Abraq Ranch. I think we will both be making a second visit here in the very near future but maybe at a different time of year.

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