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Friday, 7 December 2018

Kuwait Day 9 Multa's Ranch

This Mauryan Grey Shrike was on territory as it sang it's heart out just a few meters away from us out in the middle of the desert.

  The 30th November was our last day together as Mush returns back home to the UK  tomorrow. We started early and made the best out of what was probably the least productive day since we first arrived in Kuwait. It started with a Mauryan Grey Shrike and we spent some time with him as he was in full song. Also out in the desert were 2 Song Thrush and we heard Penduline Tit nearby.

We recorded this Mauryan Grey Shrike when singing and now he signed to a record contract!! 

  Down road, we tried out Mutla's Ranch and for a while we didn't see anything of note. As usual we ventured further afield and were rewarded with a male Eastern Black Redstart and a female Redstart. Both Chiffchaff and Lesser Whitethroat were all over the shop on the ranch and perched high up was, what we believe. is an escaped Pin-tailed Whydah. We spent are last hour out at the East outfall, just south of Jahra. Here there were 100s of waders, including 2 impressive Crab Plover. Other birds of note out of the mass of herons and egrets were a single Glossy Ibis, White-winged Black Tern, Pied Kingfisher and it was strange to hear Wigeon in with over 50 Gadwall.

This male Eastern Black Redstart always kept it's distance

Some interesting Chiffchaff

We think this is an escaped female Pin-tailed Whydah

Penduline Tit

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