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Sunday, 9 October 2016

Subalpine Warbler sp in Hugh Town

Male Subalpine Warbler sp in the front garden of St Mary's Hall

  I had a very good day and it started with a two hour look around the top of the Garrison from 07.45. It was still dull but I got 1 Spotted Flycatcher, 2 Willow Warbler, 10+Chiffchaff, 2 Blackcap, 7 Redwing, 2 Lesser Whitethroat and 3 Yellow-browed Warbler. One of the Lesser Whitethroat was thought to be of one of the eastern forms. Although I had seen both birds already, I wanted to see them again in better light. Through the Dead Pine Walk I found one by it's call. In the ten minutes I observed it, it was very vocal but all I head was the harsh tac and nothing else. However, the bird looked interesting with the brown mixing into the nape and back of head. I took some pics hoping to get the tail pattern maybe but unsuccessful.

Note how far the brown extends over onto the crown with lack of contrast between mantle and crown. Also shows white on the outer most tail feather

Possible Eastern Lesser Whitethroat that's been present on the Dead Pine Walk, Garrison for the last two days. Also the lores and ear-coverts had a hint of brown in them. 

Far compassion, here's the Lesser Whitethroat I took yesterday. Note the contrast between the mantle and crown. However, this individual sounded just like today's Garrison bird when it called. 

Altogether I only had 8 Yellow-browed Warbler today including this showy bird on the Garrison.

Spotted Flycatcher

  After breakfast I kicked the fields at Newford and while everyone was watching yesterdays Red-breasted Flycatcher at the pond, I found another individual feeding in the same Elm with 2 Pied and a single Spotted Flycatcher. Deeper in there were 10 Blackcap, 8 Chiffchaff, 2 Willow Warbler, 1 Siskin and 2 Yellow-browed Warbler. I had a quick look at the back of the pond and was rewarded with cracking views of 2 Yellow-browed Warbler and the other Red-breasted Flycatcher.

2 Red-breasted Flycatcher in the Newford area with 2 Pied and 1 Spotted Flycatcher

I saw up to 6 Willow Warbler including this one at Newford

  Up road to Trenowth I had 2 Blackcap, 4 Chiffchaff, 2 Firecrest, 1 Ring Ouzel and 40+Redwing. The Redwing were dropping out of the sky in ones and twos to join others feeding in the Hawthorns where the Ring Ouzel was. I flushed the juvenile Osprey out of a large pine that was observed later flying to Tresco by other birders. The juvenile Hobby was also knocking around as well

I saw 4 Firecrest today incuding this individual at Trenowth

Finally caught up with the juvenile Osprey that arrived last week

There were a handful of Continental Song Thrush hanging out with the 40+Redwing

  At 16.30 I had to return to work but as I approached the church, I was flagged down by Martin Naylor. He told me that he had and interesting, what he thought was a Lesser Whitethroat with pinkish sides in the Sycamores in the St Mary's Hall garden. I was late but as I was already there I had a quick look with him and found it at the top of the trees with my naked eye. In the rush I had left me bins in me wagon. I had to go but shortly afterwards returned as I thought the warbler would show well in the evening sun. It didn't take long to relocate high up in the Sycamores and I lifted my bins I got a shock! what I was looking at was a male Subalpine Warbler! I fired off some shots and then got the attention of a birder coming out of the hotel. I put the news out as male Subalpine warbler, possibly 'Monltoni's' I know I have to hear it call but it just looked interesting. Then called Martin as I knew this was the bird that he tried to put me on. Within minutes from nowhere there were 30 birders present and there was no sign of the Sylvia anywhere. The sun was sinking fast and some 60-70 birders were still searching for the Subalp. Clippers Taxi parked up next to me and out jumped a birder who lifted his bins up and said 'There it is!' At the top of a Sycamore it was feeding and only a few managed to get onto it before it disappeared into a garden. Then there was a mad rush as it was showing around the corner by the old school. This is where everyone connected with it as it was on show for a good few minutes, but distant, before disappearing again. By now the sun had almost gone down and everyone starting making there ways home. Some looked at the pics I took in the hotel garden and thought it was interesting. Martin told me later that he thought it was goin to be a Subalp but just couldn't get onto it. Well if it wasn't for Martin then I wouldn't of got on to at all! Hopefully it will be still present tomorrow and we'll naylor it! Get it! Naylor it! Never mind..

Other birders observed a large amount of white in the outer tail feathers. I was told that this could possibly rule out 'Western'

When I looked back at the pics of me camera after taking the first shots, I thought that it looked good for maybe 'Monltoni's' I know I've got to hear it call. However, after been shown how to identify all three species of Subalpine, it ain't so easy, which I knew already. Hopefully the warbler will stick and we will hear it call tomorrow. But what the hell do I know!? I can't tell a Caspian Tern from a Caspian Gull or a Caspian Gull from a Caspian Tern!

Birders out on the streets of Hugh Town

Four Jehovah's Witnesses must of been thinking what the hell is goin on as they were blocked off the road by a wall of birders just ahead of them

It's a long time since I've seen birders running around together chasing somethin like a an American cuckoo. 

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