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Friday, 28 October 2016

Possible ASIAN HOUSE MARTIN on Scilly?

Another possible! A grey and white wagtail at the riding stables, Pelistry, showing a pale base to bill and long hide claw. Possible Eastern Wagtail!?

  Today was spent chasing yesterday's possible ASIAN HOUSE MARTIN. At Porth Hellick this morning a few of us had gathered and were scrutinising the 13 Swallow and 4 House Martin. However, it was differcult as they stayed high up in the dismoral light.

  Yesterday afternoon at 15.30, I got a call from Niall Machin descibing a odd looking House Martin. It was feeding with 4 other House Martin at Inisidgen. His discription was dusky underparts, palish white small rump, squarish tail and apperared smaller than the other martins. Also it appeared to have dark arm pits. They had flown off when we arrived. I alerted other birders and put the news out and as a result Will 'Greedy' Scott relocated more hirundines over Holy Vale. Out the 3 House Martins above, I immediatley got on to one that appeared to have a square tail and put Martin Goodey onto it but they flew off to join the other hirundines further down the valley. Later news came out that it was briefly over Salkee Farm.

  Roll on to this morning and we couldn't pick it out at Porth Hellick. An hour later, Higgo relocated at the site where it was originally found by Niall. This is where most birders caught up with it but by now, I was back at work and by the mid-afternoon it had moved on. When I could, I went searching for it without any success. Birders described the martin as Niall did when he first called me about the bird. However, some were not so sure. Ideally we need the thing to down lower and in better light with some good pics.

Like this one! This is the martin in question if you can make anything out of this shot?

  Yesterday evening Graham Gorden and I bumped into David Wilson at Shooters Pool and he showed us a pic of what looked good as a possible Eastern Wagtail at the riding stables. While talking we had 2 Jack Snipe, 1 Siberian Chiffchaff and Lesser Whitethroat. 
  So after hearing the Dusky Warbler at Porth Hellick this morning, we made our ways to the stables and almost trude on the wagtail hidden in the grass. At close range it showed very well with 3 Black Redstart. It showed a long hide claw and a pale base to the lower mandible. Like I've said before, I'm not any good at describing calls. The call sounded like Yellow Wagtail but not so thin and shorter in note. Maybe a weak rasp at the end. Does anyone understand where I'm coming from?
  I returned to work and Graham texts me with 100's of Chaffinch flying over and at Longstones Will had over 6-700 with a single Woodlark. It was obvious that there was a large arrival of Chaffinches and when I arrived at the stables to drop off Martin Elliot, some 1300 Chaffinch streamed through, ESE in ten minutes including a flock of 750! They continued to move through, but me, back to work.
  There was a new Pallas's Warbler at Newford Duckpond with 5-10 Yellow-browed Warbler. There was only one of the latter species yesterday at the pond. I couldn't find the pallas's but every bird I looked at was a Yellow-browed Warbler with a total of 6+ in the same hedge with a Siberian Chiffchaff and 4 Chiffchaff. I had another Yellow-browed deeper in the fields with another 4 at Porth Hellick with 2 Jack Snipe on the pool.

Note extensive pale base to the lower mandible 

And long hide claw

Eastern 'type' wagtail hanging out with 8 Pied Wagtail

There were up to 3 Black Redstart at the stables with another two at Star Castle. There was an increase of Black Redstarts today

Mid-day and 1000's of Chaffinch hit Scilly today

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