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Thursday, 24 September 2015

2nd PECHORA PIPIT for Scilly

The 2nd Scilly record of PECHORA PIPIT was trapped and ringed at Porth Hellick

   At 08.15 I was just about to make my ways to the airport when Jim came on the phone 'I've just trapped a Red-throated Pipit' I only had twenty minutes and nearly said no. I put the news out and only picked up Big Al, cuz everyone else was still just gettin up. I left Al behind and raced off. Jim had the pipit in his hand and all I could see was only the head, but it gave me an impression of a Pechora Pipit. Although I knew didley squat of this species after only seeing one that Chris Hurd found at St Leven in '94 that showed well and was pretty vocal. Jim said that the measurements don't add up right for RTP. 'Why can't it be a Pechora?' I asked and Jim went back to his ringing manual and looked it up. I asked to look at the tram lines and they looked buff, although we were in the shade, but the measurements were starting to add up. Big Al arrived and I told him that it might be a Pechora. It was decided to get better pics and we went out from the shade into the open where the sun was shinning. Here you could see the white prominent tram lines. Then Will Scott from nowhere was breathing down my neck as I was taking pics of the upperwing and tertials and excitedly Will came out with 'It's a F*+@*>" PECHORA PIPIT!! Look at those primaries, there massive and the primary projection is well beyond it's tertials. It's a Pechora Pipit!!' Ideal!! nice one Will. I had no idea about the tertials, but I do now. With that I had to go and while waiting at the airport, Dagg from Birdnet called to tell me that RBA have put the RTP out as a probable Pechora. A? I thought. No, it is one. Put it out as a Pechora Pipit. I returned to see a small crowd with glowing faces and we all watched the pipit being released. It didn't call, but seemed to land at the top of the west end of Porth Hellick beach. However, despite extensive searching it was never seen again.


Look at those primaries?

Look at that pinkish bill and as well as other features, that's what got me going when I first saw the pipit in the hand.
There it goes and left everyone very happy to see this mega rarity on Scilly. i think we can say that we didn't think we would get this one on our Scilly list.

  I returned to work and tried to get to a few areas with what time I had off thinking like everyone else, there's somethin else somewhere. I got a Wryneck at Trewince and early evening 3 Whinchat and a single Spotted Flycatcher on the east side of The Garrison. In the Elms just before Morning Point, I got a Willow Warbler and to my surprise, one of Saturdays Bonelli's Warbler sp. I waited around hoping to hear it call, but it was getting dark and I moved on. Not a bad end to the day.
  Also on St Mary's the 3 juvenile pectorals sandpiper were still at Porth Hellick with a Yellow-browed Warbler nearby and the Dotterel was also on the airfield.
  On St Agnes the GREY-CHEEKED THRUSH at St Warna's Cove was still playing hard to get and there was a Wryneck on Wingletang. No sign of yesterdays Blackpoll Warbler. Only news from Tresco was the GLOSSY IBIS on the Great Pool.

3 Whinchat and a single Spotted Flycatcher were on The Garrison

Still lots of Swallow around including 3 juveniles still being fed at the stables

The GREY-CHEEKED THRUSH at St Warna's Cove  was still proving to be elusive, but Martin still managed to get this

The GLOSSY IBIS at Tresco Great Pool Robin Mawer

On our ways back St Agnes yesterday, this Sunfish gave us some mega views as it swam past the Seahorse that we were in. Will Scott

I was in the front row at this show and it was bloody awesome! The following night we saw Bob Dylan!  Ed Harcourt (born Edward Henry Richard Harcourt-Smith on 14 August 1977, in Wimbledon, London, England) is an English singer-songwriter. To date, he has released six studio albums, two EPs, and thirteen singles. His debut album, Here Be Monsters, was nominated for the 2001 Mercury Prize. His music is influenced by Tom WaitsNick Cave, and Jeff Buckley, among others.

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