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Friday, 22 May 2015

Melodious Warbler at Peninnis

Two days ago Mark Anderson found this male Melodious Warbler singing at Peninnis 

   Except for the male Melodious Warbler turning up at Peninnis (20th) everything else of note included birds that have been hanging around in the last four days. The Squacco Heron was commuting with Porth Hellick and Shooters Pool. At the latter site there was still the adult Night Heron seen daily and the female Garganey was last observed, (20th) However, there has been no sign of the 2 Little Bittern since the male at Porth Hellick, (19th) On the St Martins the adult Purple Heron was last seen on the 18th.

This male Melodious Warbler was showing very well singing out in the open at Peninnis, but was 10 mile away on the other side of the field. Spring records are pretty rare. this only being my second which a male singing on the other side of Peninnis at old Town Church. 

Just got the 1st summer Squacco Heron and adult Night Heron at Shooters Pool (20th) before disappearing behind the reeds out of sight

The female Garganey, also on Shooters Pool, was last seen yesterday with the 2 female Teal

Male Swallow 

1st summer Great-black backed Gull

1st summer Lesser-black backed Gull

This immature Grey Heron that feeds at Porth Hellick is always getting jip from the local breeding crows nearby whenever it takes to the air. i think it had just enough and started to push them around instead

However, it didn't last long and the heron found itself being harassed once again

  At 20.30 I had just stopped playing six a-side on the Garrison and looked at my mobile to see 10 missed calls and texts from different people. I soon discovered why and a quick call found out that they were all observing a BARN OWL at Innisidgen. En-rout I picked up Mark and the first view we got of the owl was on the deck. However, a look at pics revealed that it had a ring on it's leg which was clearly not a BTO one. The bird showed very well, but seemed to be struggling to hunt.. Doubts were on everyone's minds of it's origin. Returning home I stopped off at Griffs,who takes in owls from animal sanctuary's on the mainland. He told me that not one, but two Barn Owls, male and female, escaped over a month ago and the only way they are surviving is because he was leaving chicks out everyday on top of the pen that they were taking. Oh well, it was a great sight to see a Barn Owl in the wild, whether it's from a cage or come in from 100's of miles away.  

A few of the crowd enjoying the sight of an escaped Barn Owl on Scilly. If it was wild, this would of been my second Scilly record.

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