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Thursday, 1 November 2012

2 WAXWING at old Town Church

1st winter male WAXWING at Old Town Church

  Mid-morning and Ren was coming out from Old Town Church when he heard the sound of a WAXWING in the area. He got on to it fying from Nowhere and into the churchyard. However, he had to move on and let Martin and myself no about it. When I arrived at the churchyard, I could hear the damn thing, but could I see it. Then on the pager it came out that 2 WAXWING could be seen from the Peninnis trail looking towards Old Town Church. It was some 20 minutes later until I got onto them feeding on blackberries. Later 3 birds turned  up on the Garrison and 2 or the same were at Watermill. A single was seen yesterday on St Agnes.

It 2 years ago when we had Waxwing on the islands with up to maybe 5-6 in total

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