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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

2 poss eastern 'type' LESSER WHITETHROAT at Porth Hellick!

One of the possible EASTERN 'type' LESSER WHITETHROAT
  A quick look at both Lower Moors and Porth Hellick this afternoon before the gale force winds comes in! It paid off and at the latter site, I had just left the gate from the crossroads towards the pool and could hear a loud 'tak' call. I ran like the devil, thinking it was the Lesser Whitethroat. When I got to where the sound was coming from, I was amazed to see that there were 2 possible EASTERN 'type' LESSER WHITETHROAT feeding together low down in the undergrowth. They looked identical to each other and separated. I stuck with the one that was just a few meters in front of me. It really didn't give a damn about me being so close to it. There was also 2 Siberian Chiffchaff calling nearby, with another bird at Higher Moors. At Lower Moors, there was another Siberian Chiffchaff calling, 5 Brambling, a lot more Goldcrest in, 15-20 and with them I got my second only Firecrest of the autunm. My time was up and I had to get back to work, but didn't to bad in an hour.




 This drake Scaup arrived at Porth Hellick a few days ago and joined the 6 juvenile White-fronted Geese on the pool

"Over the new year 2009-2010, an international group of 1500 men and women from 42 nations went to Egypt to join a Freedom March to Gaza. They did this to protest the current blockade of Gaza. To protest the fact that the people of Gaza live in a virtual prison. To protest the fact that a year after the terror attack by Israeli armed forces destroyed most of their homes, hospitals, schools, and other public buildings, they have no possibility to rebuild because their borders are closed. The would be Freedom Marchers wanted to peacefully draw attention to the predicament of the Palestinian population of Gaza. The Egyptian government, (funded to the tune of $2.1 billion a year, by us, the US tax payers), would not allow the marchers to approach Gaza. How lame is that? And how predictable! I live in the USA and during this time Dec 25th 2009-Jan3rd 2010 I saw no reference to Gaza or the Freedom March or the multi national protesters gathered there. Anyway I was moved, in the circumstances, to record a new version of" We shall overcome".It seems appropriate.
Roger Waters

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