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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Sunsets on St Mary's

Looking from Porthloo towards Samson on the right and Star Castle on the left Robin Mawer

  It's been pretty quiet over the last few days. However, while playing football at Carn Gwarvel last week, 30th May, an OSPREY flew low overhead, NE, being pushed on by 2 Herring Gull. Also on the 30th, on St Martins, Bob Dawson found a SHORT-TOED LARK next to the Daymark and 2 GOLDEN ORIOLE nearby in the gorse.

  Below are some stunning sunset and other images taken in the last week around St Mary's

Taken by Ildiko Solymosi

Taken by Robin Mawer

Taken by Robin Mawer

And this evening from Porthloo

'The Queen is Dead' The Smiths. David Cameron said that this is one of his favourites songs! But like everything that comes out of his mouth, I don't believe him.


  1. Good and appropriate choice of music !!

  2. Thanks for your comments. Sex Pistols next

  3. Super photos from Robin as usual - so envious that you saw an Osprey - youngster on it's first migration back from Africa - there seems to have been a huge number that have made it this year !
    Hope you're feeling fit us and our vast luggage arrive on SCIII on Monday !See you, Sue

  4. I'm always fit. Look forward to seeing you on Monday