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Saturday, 9 June 2012

RED-BACKED SHRIKE trapped at Porth Hellick

Male RED-BACKED SHRIKE at Porth Hellick

A call from Higgo to tell me that Jim had just trapped a male RED-BACKED SHRIKE, was timed near perfect as I had a window from work during a very busy day. And what a bird it was! It was good to see it so close in the hand, but I still would of liked to observed it in the field. When it was released, Ritchie relocated it briefly nearby in the Sallows behind the pool. Later a Hobby flew over work and 4 days ago, 6th June, I observed a SERIN trying to land in the moat area of Star Castle, but there were too many people around for it to settle down and it flew off low, ESE, towards town. same day Will's group had a GOLDEN ORIOLE at Lower Moors.

Taken by Robin Mawer

And this is what a shrike does to you when you mess around with them

This Herring Gull was getting stuck into a dead Brown Rat.

Looking from Innisidgen towards Tresco

'God Save the Queen' The fascist regime, she ain't no human being. Another one for the jubilee celebrations.

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