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Thursday, 17 January 2019

USA Naples, Florida Day 1-8

A Racoon cub on my lap in the wagon after we had just rescued it from being hit by a monster truck on a highway near Naples, Florida!

  I arrived in Miami on the 8th Jan last week. My plan was to head straight to Naples on the east side of Florida but I ended up being integrated for three hours by the police at the airport! 'Where are you goin? What are you doin here? How much money have you got?' Repeated over and over again and I gave them the same answers every time. It beats the two hours that I was integrated for at Tel Aviv airport and also asking the same repeated questions. Do you really think that I was goin to say 'I m visiting the country of Palestine!' On the social networks you see the US police force beating the crap out of old grannies or just shooting anyone who seems to pose a threat, especially if your black, well they get all the tatics from Israel as the the terrorist state has got a lot of practice in doin daily to Palestinians. More so if your at the age between 6 to 16 years old. So maybe the US also got their tatics at the airport from Israel as well and that's why they both ask the same questions. Last time I was in the states in 2004, I had no trouble at all and had an amazing time in the Hollywood area.
  When I was finally released. it had gone 23.00 and I found myself staying overnight at the airport instead of a hostel. The following morning I made the two hour trip on the Greyhound bus to Naples. Here I was volunteering in helping at a eco-habitat for animals with Workaways. You work five days a week and get free food and accommodation.
  I woke up the next morning and looking through the bedroom window, on the lawn were 5 Killdeer! Also in the garden were birds that I expected to see including Yellow-rumped Warbler, Mourning Dove, Northern Cardinal and Mockingbird, Common Grackle, Blue-grey Gnatcatcher, White-eyed Vireo, Blue Jay, Grey Catbird, and four species of woodpecker, Pelted, Red-bellied, Downy and Norther Flicker. Above were Osprey, 2 Broad-winged Hawk and Turkey and Black Vulture. This is more or less what I observed most days while working in the garden throughout the next week

The food on the Eurowings from Dusseldorf, Germany, was so bad that everyone in my row had one taste and like me, didn't touch it again. 

Grey-blue Gnatcatcher

Male and female Northern Cardinal

Blue Jay

Black Vulture

White-eyed Vireo

Grey Catbird

Northern Mockingbird

  With no vehicle I couldn't go very far and as I don't start working until noon, in the last four mornings I 've been walking around the neighbourhood and with a roving flock of Yellow-rumped Warbler there were a single Yellow-throated and Prairie Warbler. With a bit of phishing, only the latter warbler showed well while the others moved straight through. A single Brown Thrasher and 4 Tufted Titmouse came out to have a look with Eastern Phoebe nearby and Northern Rough-winged Swallow overhead. Otherwise it was the same species that visit the garden. A few days ago I cycled further afield where it was more open and as expected I found Loggerhead Shrike. Palm Warbler were everywhere with small numbers of Cooper Hawk.  

If only the Yellow-throated Warbler showed as well as this cracking Prairie Warbler did.

Palm Warbler were all over the shop

I saw 2 Loggerhead Shrike

Red-shouldered Hawk

American Crow

Flat Crab Spider on the wall at work

The west side of Naples

Liam Gallagher with Damon Albarn singing Paper Crown. By far the best song on the album 'As you Were' 

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