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Friday, 2 November 2018

3 Dusky Warbler at Carn Friars!?

This possible Siberian Lesser Whitethroat that was trapped and ringed at Porth Hellick yesterday, is the same individual I found at Carn Friars the day before
  This morning there was frost on the ground and I had an hour off in between taxis. The first thing I did was to check the cattle field at Porth Hellick and sure enough the BLYTH'S PIPIT was still present for it's third day. While taking some pics of the pipit, I heard the Dusky Warbler in the Sallows that border the pool. The warbler was still calling when I followed Jim with a Yellow-browed Warbler in a bag that he had just trapped. He let me have a look before ringing it and then I had to get to work. Nearing the end of the ringing station I heard a Dusky Warbler to my left. Could that be the bird I just heard a few minutes ago? I continued walking on only to find the ringed Dusky Warbler that he trapped two days ago, was in the net and I could still hear the other Dusky Warbler nearby! Yesterday in the late afternoon, Mark Halliday, Dave Willis and Andy Holden thought they had 2+Dusky Warbler in the same area! Well like them, I had two birds but was the first individual I heard a third? 3 Dusky Warbler?? The possible Siberian Lesser Whitethroat that was ringed yesterday was in the same bushes as the unringed Dusky Warbler.

The BLYTH'S PIPIT showing well in the bright warm sun

Yellow-browed Warbler

Re trapped Dusky Warbler

The unringed Dusky Warbler

  I returned to Porth Hellick and immediately found an unringed possible Siberian Lesser Whitethroat in the Sallows where there were also the 2 Siberian Chiffchaff, including the male singing. The Cetti's Warbler also burst into song and around the loop trail I heard the 2 Yellow-browed Warbler and I got 2 Brambling and 3 Firecrest. The latter species were all new arrivals as I ain't seen a Firecrest for a while. Another new bird in was a Great-spotted Woodpecker in the large pines.  Around the pool I heard a Reed Bunting and in front of the hide was the possible Wilson's Snipe that's been around for a while.It started preening and I managed to get a few shot of the axellaries. Before all this, Viv Stratton let me know that the Olive-backed Pipit was still at the Dump allotments and Graham Gordon had a Little Bunting on St Agnes on his way to the quay to twitch the Blyth's Pipit.

  Later in afternoon I was at Pungies Lane when I caught the back end of a large dark falcon heading north towards Bar. As it turned slightly I noted that it appeared to have a pale head, particularly the crown and I was thinking Tundra Peregrine.I would have no idea what a Tundra Peregrine was if it wasn't for the individual that graced the islands a few years back. I would of put it down as a hybrid and as it was a brief sighting and I didn't see it all that well, it still could be a hybrid. Hopefully this falcon is seen again in the next few days.
  It was shortly afterwards that Higgo called me to say that himself and Mark Halliday had a ring-tailed harrier that they believed could be a possible Northern Harrier on Bryher today! I saw the photos on the back of Mark's camera but like everyone else, I would have to look on the net to see what I was looking for. However, it did look good for a possible Northern Harrier and I asked Mark to put the pics on the Scilly Bird News WhatsApp so everyone could see the photos putting their opinions forward on what they think of the raptor. Like the falcon, lets hope that both birds get pinned down.

An unringed possible Siberian Lesser Whitethroat  This is now my third 'Eastern' Lesser Whitethroat I found this auntunm. 

This Siberian Chiffchaff was always being chased off by the singing male

I've probably seen two Firecrest in the whole of October and this morning I got 3 Firecrest around the loop trail!

Snipe in question showing axillaries that don't look as good as they could on a Wilson's Snipe. Also, the underwing appears to show too much white and it looks like it just a Common Snipe

Common Snipe

  Yesterday, Jim trapped and ringed the 'Eastern' Lesser Whitethroat and Big Al called me to let me know. I was just around the corner watching the BLYTH'S PIPIT and got to see the whitethroat close up in the hand. At Lower Moors I had 3 Yellow-browed Warbler, 2 Reed Bunting, 3 Brambling, 1 Swallow, 2 Woodcock, 1 Lesser Redpoll and 2 Willow Warbler. One of the Willow Warbler was large and showed off this brilliant white belly and was a Northern 'type' Willow Warbler.

Possible Siberian Lesser Whitethroat

'Northern' Willow Warbler at Lower Moors. What a cracking bird!!

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