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Friday, 10 August 2018

Baird's Sandpiper on Tresco

I discovered this adult Baird's Sandpiper yesterday on Tresco Great Pool

 After seeing a possible Southern Migrant Hawker, would be a first for Scilly, very briefly in flight near to the entrance of the David Hunt hide on Tresco less than two weeks ago, I've been making more than usual visits to the island hoping to pin it down. Anyways, yesterday they gave me a day off from work and I kayaked in the relativity calm waters to Tresco. No sign of any dragonflies but scanning from the Swarovski Hide towards the muddy margin on the far side in the SW corner of the Great Pool, there was a small wader feeding. I could clearly see it wasn't a Dunlin and the detail I could just make out, now and then, from a long ways off was a long primary projection, short bill and the paleness of the bird. I put the news out of it being a Baird's Sandpiper just incase other birders were on the island who wanted to see this American wader.
  With permission, I got a lot closer to the sandpiper before returning to my Kayak as the slight breeze was now getting stronger. Kayaking towards St Mary's was pretty rough and as I pulled my kayak up the beach at Sharks Pit, George Kershaw, who was on a bench, said to me 'We were trying to work out who the mad man was out there in those seas!' I had it all in control George. I also had cracking views of 5 Mediterranean Gull. 4 juvenile and an adult, as they swam meters away from me as I approached Porthloo.
  Also on Tresco there were single Kingfisher, juvenile Yellow-legged Gull, 9 Little Egret, 5 Redshank, 12 Greenshank and 5 Whimbrel

This was my first sighting of the Baird's Sandpiper distantly on the Great Pool.

This is only my third Baird's Sandpiper for Scilly after my first every in 1995 on St Agnes after seeing, only a few minutes before in the Parsonage, my second Parula Warbler on Scilly!! The other Baird's was feeding with a Long-billed Dowitcher on the Tresco Abbey Pool. This Baird's was still on Tresco today.

I had one of the juvenile Yellow-legged Gull from last week in the Abbey Pool area. I had maybe up to at least 6 different juveniles in the last month on Tresco.

Here's a different juvenile YLG I had last week on Tresco

Reed Warbler

There were up to 10 Willow Warbler along Pool Road.

Good numbers of juvenile Swallow around

5 Redshank were also on the Great Pool


Using the Kayak, I got arms lengths away from these Sanderling, Ringed Plover and Turnstone. However, could be hard to take photos as I bobbed up and down. 

Lots of Blue-tailed Damselflies on Tresco

On the 29th July on Tresco, I had 28 Sanderling and what I thought this was only my second record of a Knot in summer plumage after a single in Shropshire in the 80's. Then Higgo reminded of the midlands record of 55 that we both observed drop into Blithfield, Staffs, during a heavy downpour only to continue on their journey when the storm passed in the late 80's!?  

Sandwich Terns are hanging out in Porthcressa with the highest count so far today of 82

Still good numbers of Mediterranean Gull on Scilly with the Common Gull on Porthloo today

I had this juvenile Yellow-legged Gull at Morning Point on the 27th July

Irish Senate Approves Bill Boycotting Israeli Settlement Goods

Irish Senators pass a law to boycott goods and services from Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories.The legislation prohibits the import or sale of goods and services produced by settlers in the occupied territories. The law was proposed by an independent senator and passed by 25 to 20. All Ireland’s major political blocs except the ruling Fine Gael party backed the legislation. Israel’s settlement and constructions in the occupied Palestinian territories are considered illegal under international law. The regime, however, is pushing ahead with building more and more settler units. The new US administration has emboldened Israel to get away with the violation by offering an all-out support.

Argentina boycotted their friendly against Israel just before the World Cup and now the Irish football Association have boycotted the friendly match with Israel in September!

This footage below was enough for Messi and Argentina to boycott their friendly with the Israeli aparthied state as well as pressure from Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) May other follow Argentina, Ireland and Bosnia. 

A Palestinian football player filmed the moment he appears to get shot in the knee, destroying the joint and his career. Mohammed Khalil, who played for a football club in the Gaza Strip, was apparently shot by an Israeli soldier as he protested near the border last week. Footage of the shooting was posted on Twitter by the Palestinian journalist Mohammed Kareem. Mr Kareem said Mr Khalil now needs knee replacement surgery in order to be able to walk again.

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