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Sunday, 11 March 2018

Palestinian Day 3

Including this female, I had 4 Palestinian Sunbird just a few minutes from my digs. The Israeli's are doin all they can to change the name of this species. They tried to pressure the International unions and organisations that deal with nature but the unions did not bow down to the bullying that Israel are so good at when they want to get their own way! especially when it comes to the UN and International Law. However, they won't stop trying to change the name to what they want it to be 'Orange Sunbird!!??

  As the Auberginn Hostel was full, I had to make a move just up road on the otherside of Jericho. It was not until 14.00 that I walked across the nearby fields and this is where I did my birding until almost.dark. While talking to the farmers, a female Hen Harrier swept low and scattered the Indian Silverbills and Crested Larks. In a weedy field there were lots of Chiffchaff and a single sandy coloured Lesser Whitethroat which were joined by a female Palestinian Sunbird just before dark I could hear a Quail.

Female Hen Harrier

If only the male Palestinian Sunbirds showed like this female

Had this sandy Lesser Whitethroat with warm flanks. I have no idea which race. Maybe Humes?? Any ideas?


Male Spanish Sparrow

Southern Grey Shrike are all over the shop

I observed 15 Steppe Buzzard, 4 Short-toed eagle, 1 Sparrowhawk and 60+white Stork on thermals before flying towards Jordan  

Little Green Bee-eater

White-breasted Kingfisher

Butterfly sp?

Last year when the Orphan Warbler turned up on St Agnes, Mark Yates showed me a pic that he had taken that showed what appeared to be markings on the undertail. 'That's an Eastern Orphan Warbler!' He told me. I said 'No good telling me. I couldn't tell you the difference between a Northern or Southern Orphan Warbler!' He looked at me and replied that there is no southern or Northern Orphan!' Really!? 'Oh yeah, I knew that. I was just testing you! Well done for spotting the mistake!' 

From here I could hear Quail 

The Palestinian people are so friendly and you can walk anywhere you like

Mountain of Temptation overlooking Jericho

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