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Friday, 16 February 2018

Thailand Day 8 Bangpu

Adult Black-tailed Gull at Bangu Resort

  I was in Bangkok and this morning I got a taxi to Bangpu Promenade where a number of species of gull have been seen in the last week including Great Black-headed Gull. Walking up the promenade and there are large numbers of Brown-headed Gull being fed by folks. It didn't take long to spot a Black-headed Gull followed by another and another! With half and hour I had seen up to 10+Black-headed Gull in with the 600+Brown-headed Gull! Is this usual to have these numbers? I know there are Slender-billed Gull to be seen and I managed to find 3 birds. I was almost giving hope on any of the larger larus gulls that have been recorded here when on one of the many post just west ofd the promenade was a cracking adult Black-tailed Gull. It was distant until it flew closer to land on the mud on the falling tide with the other gulls and ever increasing Black-tailed Godwit with some 250+birds.

Altogether I had a total of 4 Slender-billed Gull including a 1st winter on the nearby reserve

Star of the show was this adult black-tailed Gull



Above are 8 of the 10+Black-headed Gull I had on the Promenade. I have no idea if this is a high count here.

2 Brown-headed Gull with a Black-headed Gull on the right


Brown-headed Gull

There wre 100s and 100s of Whiskered Tern

Javan Pond heron

At least 250 black-tailed Godwit

I gave it rest from the gulls and ventured to the reserve nearby. Most of the habitat was Mangroves and as I entered the reserve there was another birder from Germany called Lars. I think I'll stick with him with a name like that! Together we saw Drongo Cuckoo, Mangrove G and Dusky Warbler of note. Lars left me aI went and had a look from the tower hide over looking some pools. It was getting dark and there was 2 Sacred Ibis and 26 Painted Stork feeding in the shallows. A Slaty-breasted Crake showed well very briefly. Otherwise it was the same water birds that I had seen in the last week.

Fork-tailed Drongo Cuckoo

Golden-bellied Gerygone
Common Iora

Evertt's White-Eye

Pied Fantail

Giant Mudskipper

These are some of the species I spotted while driving around on the scooter in the last few days before returning to Bangkok

Ashy Woodswallow

Green Bee-Eater

Male Bay-backed Sparrow

Adult Purple Heron

Female Cotton Pygmy Goose and Garganey
Male Cotton Pygmy Goose
Cotton Pygmy Geese

Spotted a small pool next to the highway and there were 16 Cotton Pygmy Geese, 6 Garganey, 2 Little Grebe and the bottom two pics, 2 female Pheasant-tailed Jacana 

Spotted Redshank

I'm on my scooter and come across this habitant next to the road and have a scan. It was covered in Long-toed Stint! Good numbers of Wood Sandpiper, Pacific Golden Plover, Spotted Redshank, Kentish Plover and Redshank. There were also Caspian and 100s of Whiskered Tern, 2 Grey-headed Lapwing and 6 Sacred Ibis.

I had 2 White-winged Black Tern

More pics of the White-faced Plover I saw at Leam Bia Pak Sandspit a few days ago

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