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Monday, 25 September 2017

2 Bee-eater on St Mary's

The Wryneck was showing a lot better than yesterday at Trench Lane in the warm evening sunlight

  The 2 Bee-eater that were seen on Tresco yesterday were relocated mid-morning at Mcfarlands Down. They flew off and proved very mobile across St Mary's throughout the rest of the morning/It was just after 13.00 when I finally connected with them over Normandy. They were only there briefly before they flew off calling, high south towards Porth Hellick. Ten minutes later I got a text from Paul Stancliff who had them over Seven stones, St Martins.

This was the best I could do of the 2 Bee-eater over Normandy/ Thanks to everyone who contacted me about where the birds were.

  This morning the Wryneck had been seen in front of the hide at Lower Moors. After work I made my ways down there and found it on the wall of the sheds at the end of Trench Lane like yesterday. Martin Goodey was the only one to turn up and we both got cracking views of the stunner!


I have never taken so many photos of a Wryneck

Meadow Pipit



This Common Frog was at Lower Moors

This evening sunset

The American Golden Plover was still on the beach at Porth Hellick with the 3 Little Stint on the pool. On St Agnes both the Red-eyed Vireo and Bee-eater were still proving elusive and news came out from Saturday of an adult Rose-coloured Starling at Fraggle Rock, Bryher. 

This is the Common Rosefinch from a few days ago on St Agnes that Chris and Juliet Moore took

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