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Sunday, 9 April 2017

Western Subalpine Warbler on St Agnes

Western Subalpine Warbler slightly hidden away in the Coastguard Cottage garden 

  At 14.30 I was having a bite at Old Town Cafe with my daughter when Martin called to say had a male Garganey in front the hide at Lower Moors. That must of just come in because I met a birder less than an hour ago passing the cafe who told me that the adult Purple Heron was showing well on the pool. The Garganey was asleep and the heron only showed it's neck in the short time I was there. I returned later to find both the duck and heron feeding and showing very well.

The adult Purple Heron putting on another good show and in the 20 minutes I was there it caught 4 small fish

This cracking male Garganey was feeding only a few meters from the heron

    Just after 16.00, Graham Gorden found a male Western Subalpine Warbler at Coastguard Cottage, St Agnes. A quick call and I arrived on the latter island on the 18.00 supper boat. Steve Williams was waiting for me and after a few minutes the warbler came out. For the next hour, the bird was on show most of the time showing at close range. However, it was very fast and active and every photo I took there was somethin always in the way or I wasn't quick enough.
  The main man arrived and I was told that there was a jacket potato with baked beans that Teresa had cooked waiting for me at their digs! Get in there! While we were waiting at the quay for the boat to take me home at 20.30, we both got onto a Hoopoe flying from the Turks Head to roost in the pines behind the pub!

The male Western Subalpine Warbler had a short circuit near to the Coastguard Cottage garden. 

Steve Williams got a cracking shot of it!

This Wren was outside my digs

A snowman on St Agnes!!

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