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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Fulmars on St Martins

Fulmars were showing off at the ENE end of St Martins

  Spent all day searching for the Male Rock Thrush in it's favorites haunts. Although it was seen yesterday there was no sign of it anywhere today. 10+Wheatear and small groups of Swallow moved through and a female Merlin was at the Daymark. Just below the Daymark, Fulmars were performing very well as they seemed to be enjoying themselves just wheeling around in front of me!

While looking for the Rock Thrush near to the Daymark, these Fulmars were showing off in front of me near to the cliffs


Male Stonechat

The 14th was when I saw my first 6 Wheatear of the year including this male

Male Mallards busy displaying to the females

Male Gadwall

A electronic?dance band from Greece!

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