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Saturday, 18 March 2017

UFO over Machu Picchu, Peru!!

Any ideas!? I Observed this UFO over looking Machu Picchu for 40 minutes on the 4th March!!

  Within an hour of Anna and I arriving into Cusco, Peru on the 3rd from Brazil, we made the 90 minute drive to Ollantaytanbo, the town before Machu Picchu, in one of the community taxes! There are no roads to the Inca ruins and it's by foot or a very expensive train ride. This is my second time here and if you ever visit, do not go on the train! It cost somethin like £150 each with Peru Rail and we did it in less than half that price! Because they don't want you to know, you will not find this advice on Peru Tourist Information. From Cusco you get on a community taxi. You have to wait until it fills up with people, mainly locals, before you can go. We waited for 15 minutes and sat in the front and it cost us 10 sols each!! That's £2.50!! The taxi drops you off at Ollantaytanbo and from there you catch the train. There are three companies and we took the cheapest, Inca Rail at £67 for a two hour ride to Machu Picchu. As it was almost dark when we arrived in the small town of Ollantaytanbo, we decided to have a look around til after 21,00 and then hoped on the train to the Aguas Calientes. The town just below Machu Picchu where we had booked into stay

Waiting in Cusco for more people to arrive so we can make the 90 minute drive to Ollantaytanbo for 10 sols! That's £2.50!!

A lady selling hats in Ollantaytanbo

White-bellied Hummingbird

Female Green-tailed Trainbearer

Sparkling Violetear

All the images of the hummingbirds above, I took two years ago when I stayed overnight in this small town. Because I didn't have internet at the time I didn't get to put them on my blog until now.

 It was predicted rain for the next week but at 05.30 it was sunny and Anna payed her £26 return and got on the packed bus to Machu Picchu. The bus leaves the town every ten minutes and then you pay another £57 to see the ruins! I stayed in Aguas Calientes, as I walked the 8000 ft mountain and back again, two years ago when working in the Manu region of the Peruvian Amazon. Instead I walked west along the railway track that follows the Urubamba River. I had only got ten minutes out of the town when I spotted a white object high in the blue sky above the mountains. I couldn't judge how high it was at first and thought it was a carry bag floating in the breeze until I realized that it was not moving at all! It was just still and this is how it was for over 30 minutes! I quickly fired off some shots with my 600 mm lens and looking at the shots on the back screen, I could see that I was looking at a UFO!! Now this doesn't mean that it was somethin out of this world, it was an object that I could not put a name to. As it was hanging in the air up above the mountains and WNW over looking Machu Picchu, I thought that many people visiting the site, would be also thinking what could this be? It was a white/greyesh colour with at times, brighter white outline but not goin all the way around the object. It's shape was almost round and as I took more and more pics, you could see inside that it was changing formation. Locals were passing by and I pointed out the strange object and they were all interested but not as interested as a couple from the UK were when they first saw it.
  They arrived just before it started moving. When I say moving, I mean very slowly in a SWS direction. As it did so, this is when it got really exciting! It stated to change shape, to almost square. Somethin was poking out from the bottom now and then, but this was short lived. After moving for a few minutes, somethin bazaar started to happen. As well as changing it's formation from within and out, it gave the impression that it was in a 'fuzzy' mode! There was not really a shape no more but like it was blurred when looking at the shots through the back screen of the camera. But it was clearly not blurred and it kept on giving this 'fuzzy' impression returning to a kind of shape again and then back to fuzzy mode within seconds of each other. This was repeated over and over again for maybe five minutes before it disappeared over the mountain. I raced down the track and relocated it a few minutes later and it was still going back and forth from the fuzzy mode. Then that was it!!
  So what was it? I sent the pics off to some friends and they suggested weather balloon. However, I ruled this out when I looked at these balloons on line, But this lead me to Anomalies! This kind of means a person or a thing that is different from what is usual. Anomalies can also mean advanced life from another planet! What ever it was, it knew what it was doin as it  hung in the air for a good 30 minutes. Then when it started to move, it continued to change shape but also give this fuzzy mode on and off and there was no heat haze either. Just as it disappeared, the clouds turned black and it started to rain and I got soaked to the bone!

This is one of the first shots I took of the UFO

Note how it's changing shape from oval to round and also changing formation inside. This is only two minutes of observing it. Also a bright white edging to the upper half of the UFO.

The mountains it's above are somethin like 6000-7000 ft high, but I could not guess how high the UFO was but it did seem lower than the pic seems to show.

it's really starting to change now!

Almost square. This is over 30 minutes of observing it and somehin is appearing from the bottom and it's very slowly starting to drift SWS

More prominent in this pic

After a few minutes the thing poking from the bottom disappears as it continues to move and change shape

Then this happens!

It goes into fuzzy mode

Only to loose it and return to it's ever changing shape

And seconds later it returned to fuzzy. this continued for the next 3 minutes, changing on and off within seconds before it disappeared over the mountain. In total I took well over 200 images in 40 minutes of observing it. 

I relocated it and this was the last shot I took! This is no weather balloon. Has anyone got any idea that what it might be?

  I spoke to a lot of the locals who observed the UFO with me and was invited by a guy to his house next to the track. I was introduced to his wife, mother, father, brother, mother and brother-in-law, his friend, his friends friend, his pet goldfish! He told me that tomorrow is the opening day of his restaurant and all his family were there to help. He had a lot of land that backed onto the forest. Here he showed me around. He didn't speak much English but I easily worked out that he observed three Speckled Bear two days ago to where I was almost standing!! A mother and two cubs!!. As we walked along he pointed out all the animals 'Duck! Duck! Duck!' From ducking so much, I found myself almost crawling on the floor. Every step we took he would point and say duck! They were everywhere until he spotted a turkey 'Turkey!' and then we hit the chickens. We went into a large shed and as I expected there were over 100 guinea pigs ready to be eaten! We had a kick around on the court and I didn't find that easy tripping over ducks, chickens, elephants and a single turkey! Then I moved off before another storm came in. When I returned to the hotel, Anna was buzzing after seeing Machu Picchu but not as much as I was after seeing my first UFO!!

Within hours of updating my blog and putting two pics of the UFO on my FB, one of my mates got back to me with this footage of a UFO over Machu Picchu sometime last year! It's only a short video but as you will see, it looks very much like the object I observed!

A pair of Torrent Duck, this is the male, were along the river and during the rest of our stay I observed them outside the window from the hotel

Fasciated Tiger Bittern

While traveling around I've been listing to this band 'My Baby' My Baby is a Dutch - New Zealand band, founded in Amsterdam. Their music is a mix of blues , country and funk . My Baby was formed in 2012 from several members of the Amsterdam soul band The Souldiers . The members are Joost van Dijck, his sister Cato van Dijck and Daniel 'Dafreez' Johnston. the band was discovered by funk bassist Larry Graham ( Sly and the Family Stone , Graham Central Station , Prince ).

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