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Sunday, 5 March 2017

Rio de Janerio!

The first Magnificent frigatebird we saw, were a low flying flock of 50 birds over the main city and they were 'magnificent'! After this they were, with Black Vulture, all over the shop in Rio de Janerio.

  We left Barcalona two weeks ago and headed off towards Brazil for 11 days for the big carnival at Rio de Janerio as Anna was taking part in it! Not much birding done as we stayed all the time in the city but had a lot of fun feeding the monkeys.

Christ The Redeemer from Rio Art Centter

Looking from Sugarloaf Mountain

Anna feeding bananna to Tufted-eared Marmoset 

And feeding apple to Robust Capuchin Monkey

Atlantic Forest Lizard

Black Vulture

Here are some photos I took of the Rio de Janerio Carnival parading along the Sambadroma

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