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Saturday, 20 August 2016

Icterine Warbler on The Garrison

Everyone did connect with Chesney's Icterine Warbler in the campsite garden on The Garrison that he found four days ago. Today Chesney also found a Wryneck nearby at Morning Point and the Icky was still in the garden.

 However, even though the Icterine Warbler was on my doorstep, because of work being non-stop, I didn't catch up with it until yesterday and that was only for ten minutes, because of work. Fortunately in that short time, it performed very well chasing the 2 Willow Warbler feeding in the same tree. I also had 5 Pied Flycatcher on the Dead Pine Walk just around the corner.

The Icterene Warbler eyeing up on a tasty morsel

  Also yesterday from 18.00 I found myself seawatching off Deep Point in gale force SW. The first bird I picked up was a Cory's Shearwater and an hour later 31 Cory's, 1 Sooty and 1 Baleric Shearwater had passed west (The latter shearwater was only seen by Robin who joined me briefly) For the next hour I was called back to work and returned again and from 20.00-45 I observed another 30 Cory's Shearwater, including a line of 7 together, and 9 Manx Shearwater. Altogether 61 Cory's Shearwater moved through.

  On St Agnes, Horse Point from 13.30-17.30, Doug Page counted 20 Cory's Shearwater. Graham Gorden took over from 17.30-19.10 and got 42 Cory's Shearwater, 3 Great Shearwater and a single Grey Phalorpe. While out on Joe Penders Pelagic they had 42 Cory's Shearwater and 5 Great Shearwater. 

Before all this happened I made a brief visit to Porth Hellick and there were now 2 Wood Sandpiper but only 2 each of Common and Green Sandpiper. I also had a Hobby over Porthcressa which was later observed in other locations of St Mary's by other observers. 

There are now 5 Dunlin at Porth Hellick


 Oak Egger at Porth Hellick

    This morning in an hour I had 4 Cory's Shearwater and Graham had 8 birds off Horse Point and a single Grey Phalorpe, St Agnes. An all day Joe Pender Palagic produced 4 Wilson's Petrel, 25 Cory's Shearwater and 7 Great Shearwater.

  On the 17th August Graham Gorden had a Melodious Warbler in the pines NE of the cricket pitch, St Agnes. Some ten minutes later he found the first Wryneck of the autumn in the Parsonage. Also, at least 8 Pied Flycatcher and a single Tree Pipt. He also picked out a new juvenile Yellow-legged Gull joining the individual from a few days ago.
  The following day Viv Stratton had a Grasshopper Warbler at tennis courts, Garrison on St Mary's.

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