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Friday, 4 December 2015

5 Siberian Chiffchaff on Tresco

I had up to 5 Siberian Chiffchaff on Tresco today with 3 birds together on pool road

  It was over two weeks ago that Bob Dawson and I went to Tresco. So today I thought it might be worth another visit. The highlight for me were the stunning Siberian Chiffchaffs. This included 3 together by the Swarovski hide and singles at Rosefields Crossroads and Abbey Drive. altogether I had a total of 30+Chiffchaff, 15+Goldcrest, 4 Firecrest and a very vocal Great-spotted Woodpecker. I didn't see the woodpecker but presume it's the female that hasn't been seen on St Mary's for nearly a month. Over 100 Chaffinch were in a weedy field on Pool Road.

3 different Siberian Chiffchaff on Pool Road

Also had 4 Firecrest and non of them were on Pool Road

  Both pools surprisingly were very quiet. However, it soon became apparent why this was the case when the peace was shattered by shotguns nearby. I picked the wrong day. There was only a single duck at the SE end of the Great Pool which turned out to be a female Pintail. Everything else had long gone from being flushed by the guns. It became clear why it stayed and the other ducks had long gone. I could see it had a right eye missing and it's left wing was damaged from being blasted by, well I can't repeat what I would like to say what I think of people who get a thrill out of killing birds. Just for the hell of it!! 19 Greenshank and 5 Redshank were trying to settle on the Great Pool and single Kingfisher and Grey Wagtail flew off. Later on I came across a few of the shooters walking through the dunes killing everything in their path. I waited at one end of the dunes as they came towards me, but kept my distance, waiting for them to kick the Short-eared Owls up that roost in the dunes. Also to make sure they didn't shoot any of the owls I got a surprise when a SEO flew from behind me and drifted towards the Great Pool to hopefully to safety. I couldn't take anymore when they shot a Woodcock. Later I observed a Red-legged Partridge and Woodcock finding it hard work to fly off as a result of being wounded.

still 2 Little Grebe on the Great pool

Note eye missing on this female Pintail from being shot at! It did fly only to immediately come back down again.

I saw 3 pairs of Stonechat on the island altogether

Short-eared Owl flushed by shooters as they made their way through the dunes at Pendle Bay.

  A walk along the coastal path produced 2 Mediterraneanl, 6 Common, 100+Black-headed gull and a single Black Redstart. Great-northern Diver have been thin on the ground so far this winter and I only managed to pick out two birds off the Block House. Both a male and female Peregrine were all over the shop and 13 Little Egret flew over after being spooked by guns.

13 little Egret put up by gun fire

This female Peregrine had a full crop. Maybe taking advantage of all the wounded birds from being shot at?

1st and 2nd winter Mediterranean Gull at Pentle

Up to 6 Common Gull were also at Pentle

  Last weekend I stayed at Graham Gordens and I found it very hard work. I meant hard work in the way of the bloody windy conditions. The only birds of note were both on Periglis and included my latest ever Whinchat and the Water Pipit that was found at the beginning of November. Well, what I saw of the pipit was a shout from Graham 'There it is!' and this small shape flashed by me. It was moving so fast, being pushed by the wind, that in 30 seconds it would be in Cornwall. This did not do because it was still present today with 3 Firecrest. Also today on St Mary's there were a scattering of Black Redstart, 3 Firecrest and at Shooters Pool the Yellow-browed Warbler was still present. By the way Graham was a very good host and cooked a cracking curry that we both scoffed down our necks with squash!!!!

Curlew and Stonechat at Periglis, St Agnes

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