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Thursday, 26 March 2015

4th Desert Weatear for Scilly

1st summer Desert Wheatear at Porth Askin, St Agnes

  My last few days in Salop was spent at Venus Pool where I saw the female Hen Harrier and my first 3 Sand Martin of the year, 15th. Later on in the evening there were 3 Chiffchaff and an adult Yellow-legged Gull at Trench Pool. A few days before I had a 1st winter Yellow-legged Gull also at the latter site where the Tufted Duck started to increase in numbers. I was hoping that a Ring-necked Duck might join them and it was less than a week after leaving Salop to return home to Scilly that a male Ring-necked Duck turned up just up road at Prisorlee lake! If I had of seen it, it would of been my forth for the county and I believe it was the sixth for Salop.

1st winter Yellow-legged Gull at Trench Pool.

Good numbers of shoveler were at Venus pool

 The 18th was sunny with a cold wind blowing into Scilly from a NNE direction. As a few Wheatear had arrived on the islands already, I decided to go and look for one and walked the coastal path from Porthloo. Here I got the first Willow warbler of the year feeding with Chiffchaff in among the rocks. It was some two hours later, after seeing 7 Black Redstart, that I briefly saw a male wheatear at Porth minnick.
  The following day I teamed up with Robin and Higgo to go to Tresco to hopefully see Higgo's and Joe's Black Duck that they found January last year off Samson. On the Abbey Pool there were plenty of large gulls coming into bath and I managed to pick out a possible 1st winter HerringxGlaucous Gull (Viking Gull). Also on the pool was the Lesser Canada Goose that I found November last year that I believe is of the race (Parvipes) However, I'm the only one that seems to take any interest of this possible first for Scilly. We had a good look for the male Black Duck and it was only when we returned to the Abbey Pool an hour later and Higgo relocated the duck with a small flock of Mallard. On the Great Pool there were the first 4 White Wagtail of the year with 3 Pied Wagtail. No sign of the Barnicle Goose that arrived in December, but on the evening of the 22nd, Robin relocated it at Porth Hellick with 2 Canada Geese. The following day it was back on Tresco where the presumed male Green-winged Teal turned up from being last seen December last year.

The first Willow Warbler of the year was at Porthloo, 18th

All the Canada Geese on Tresco have paired up and the Lesser Canada Goose (parvipes) keeps well clear of them. 

Possible 1st winter Viking Gull at Tresco Abbey Pool

The male Black Duck kept it's distance also on the Abbey Pool

This Barnacle Goose at Porth Hellick was only my third record for Scilly

  However, it was the 22nd when Bob Dawson went and found the forth DESERT WHEATEAR for Scilly at Porth Askin, St Agnes. It was not until the following day that some 15 birders twitched the bird from st Mary's. For the next few hours the wheatear showed superbly at very close range and on many occasions was heard singing.

What a bird!

Been listening to this band a few days ago. Some say Leland at the Annie Street Arts Collective.

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  1. That wheatear is beautiful, and in such a great setting too on the rocks and sands.