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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Interesting gull at New Quay, Ceredigion

Had this gull off New Quay 

  While scanning the gulls on the beach off Cie Bach country Club, New Quay, from a long ways off with me bins, I immediately noticed a rather dark looking gull with a loose flock of Common and Herring Gulls. I wanted to run back and get me scope, but I could see a dog walker close by who was going to flush them. I tried to get ahead to get better views and it was looking interesting for a possible American Herring Gull. However, it was no good and they flew off. I really didn't get much detail of the bird, except from the photos below.

As well as other details, the rear end ain't looking good for smiths, although I took these shots a long ways off and are heavliy cropped. Someone living nearby, might be worth seaching that area and hopefully get better views than me. Any comments welcome

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