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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Ortolan Bunting + Wryneck, Maypole

This image is not of the Maypole Wryneck, but is the individual that showed down to a few feet at the old slipway on South Beach, Tresco Robin Mawer

  Yesterday I went to look for a Wryneck that Higgo had flushed from a wall opposite Borough Farm. As I was approaching the farm in me wagon from Maypole Triangle, on top of the Hawthorns on the side of the road was a small pale bird. I lifted me bins and there was a 1st winter Ortolan Bunting. As I was getting my camera out from me bag, the damn thing flew off behind me. I contacted the others and in the 10 minutes I had I went searching for it. No sign of the bunting, but I flushed the Wryneck and it landed in the same Hawthorn as the bunting! Also 6 White Wagtail in the area.

Image taken by Robin Mawer

And this is the best that I could do of yesterdays Wryneck at Maypole. It's thought that is more than likely the one that Martin found last week and to add to his tally, he went found another today infront ISBG hide at Lower Moors.

Both CITRINE WAGTAILS are still present. Chris and Juliet Moore (top) and Paul Semmens took these cracking images of the individual that's been favouring Porth Hellick since it's arrival.The other juvenile is still commuting with Lower Moors and Higgos Pool. Both birds arrived on the same day, 1st September.

The Citrine Wagtail at Porth Hellick was trying to push off these 3 Yellow Wagtail

Chris and Juliet Moore

From the top Reed Warbler, Willow Warbler, Pied Flycatcher, family of Swallow, Dunlin, Blackbird and Goldfinch

On their first day out in the field, Chris and Juliet Moore found this juvenile Red-backed Shrike at Carn Friars, 8th September. A few days later it was relocated at nearby Higher Moors. They also took the pics below from earlier on in the week at the airfield, of the juvenile Dotterel, that's now returned to the Daymark, St Martins and is now sharing the area with the first 3 lapland Bunting of the year, and the juvenile Buff-breasted Sandpiper

On his return to Penzance, Paul Semmens got these pics of this juvenile Long-tailed Skua off the Scillonian

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  1. Looks like you are struggling for birds, NOT! Send a few to Kent please, there is nothing here!