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Thursday, 13 September 2012

At last I got the bloody SB DOWITCHER!

SHORT-BILLED DOWITCHER, Skirt Island, Tresco A cracking image by Robin Mawer

  Everyone has seen it. However, not me! Until this evening. I was going to canoe across to Tresco straight after work. My mate Grayham was going in his boat to go fishing off Samson and asked if I wanted a lift to Carn Near at 17.30. It did look pretty choppy out there and just before 18.00 I was walking along the beach towards Skirt Island where the dowitcher was seen during the day. It was hightide and reaching Skirt, I came across a small flock of wary Curlew, and with them was the dowitcher. I observed it through the scope, and then one Curlew got up followed by the whole lot including the bloody dowitcher. They all flew off 20 mile up road and landed on Pentle Island. Crap!

Robin Mawer

Take a look at those tertials

We arrived at Carn Near to the sound of bloody Coldplay blasting out of the boats speakers. I was so close to jumping into the water before we reached the quay! Anyway, I'm very thankful for Graham taking over.

The yesterdays juvenile Garganey was still on the Great Pool today but there was no sign of any of the 4 Ortolan Bunting in the fields at Rosehill. Robin Mawer. Trevor and Juliet saw up to 3 Wryneck on St Martins and found that the juvenile Dotterel had returned to near the Daymark after spending a few day on the airfield at St Mary's

Sunset from the harbour (top) and Porthloo from a few days ago Robin Mawer
The John Butler Trio are an Australian roots and jam band led by guitarist and vocalist John Butler. They formed in Fremantle in 1998 with Jason McGann on drums and Gavin Shoesmith on basses. By 2009, the trio was Butler with Nicky Bomba on drums and percussion, and Byron Luiters on basses. In late 2003, John Butler entered Woodstock Studios in Melbourne and recording 'Treat Yo Mama' with a load of other great songs on the LP 'Sunrise Over Sea' The album debuted at number one in the national album charts in 15 March 2004 and achieved gold record status in its first week of release


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