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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Crap, crap and more crap!

Lots of Swallows are starting to arrive

  This has got to be the worst start to April that I've experienced since I arrived on Scilly some 16 years ago. The Northerlies are playing their part from stopping common migrants getting here. However, today saw the first Cuckoo of the year on Bryher and Grasshopper Warbler at Peninnis. Also there was a  fall of Willow Warbler and good numbers of Swallow and Wheatear on most of the islands. 925, Chris and Higgo picked up the highlight of the day, the week! A Greylag Goose flying over Tresco Channel that was later seen by Smoothy on St Agnes.
  Last week the NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH was showing very well at Lower Moors. However, there has been no more sightings for the last three days.

5 of the 10 Wheatear at Bants Carn. There were also 30+Wheatear between Porth Hellick Down and Deep Point with 25 on St Agnes and 30+ on Bryher

Swallows were all over the shop on St Mary's with well over 100. There was also over a 100 on Tresco, 80+ on Bryher and 50+St Agnes.

Both Sand Martins and House Martin were in smaller numbers

Up to 50+Willow Warbler were at Carn Friars with smaller numbers else where on St Mary's. On Bryher there were 80+, 60+ on St Agnes and 50 on Tresco.

A Linnet with nest materiel at Giants Castle and a Meadow Pipit descending at Deep Point

There were still 2 Short-eared owl on Tresco Robin Mawer

Bar Point

Looking from Star Castle this evening Robin Mawer

  With strong NNW for the next week we can expect moor crap! What was also crap was Spurs losing to Chelsea in the semi-final of the FA Cup today, 5-1 or should that be 4-1!

DJ Shadow with 'Scale it Back' ft. Little Draggon


  1. It may be crap to you, but I haven't seen a Cuckoo in the park for years and a Grasshopper never. Mind you these winds a crap and mucked up my few days in Norfolk.

  2. Birds are never crap, it's the bloody northerlies. I hope you have a good time in Norfolk