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Wednesday, 14 March 2012



   Just after 12.00 I was with Martin when Higgo called me 'Got the waterthrush if you want to see it?' I haven't seen it since at the end of November last year. We arrived at Lower Moors, the same time as Ritchie and made our way into some trees where Higgo was. From here we were looking over a muddy pool. 'It was here just a minute ago' After a few minutes Higgo moved out and I followed him shortly afterwards just as Geoff Dent and his wife joined us. Geoff had seen a Ring Ouzel on Bryher this morning and 2 days ago, the first Wheatear of the year. He also found a Marsh Harrier at Lower Moors just before he came to look for the waterthrush. I went deeper into the wood and tried to make my way to the other end of the muddy pool. Almost immediately I located it to my right feeding under over hanging branches, only for it to disappear up the bank and reappear further away. I was very happy with the views I got and ran like the devil to tell the others that it was heading towards them. As I did, I heard it call twice. I left them waiting patiently as I had to get back to work.
  I called Graham to tell him that it looks like the waterthrush might be pinned down, knowing that he'll probably come over and take his chance this weekend. He also told me on St Agnes today he had 3 White Wagtail, 2 Black Redstart and a Firecrest.
 As I left work this evening, Tony called to tell me that he had a Wheatear on the golf course.

The others didn't see the waterthrush, but Martin stayed on and at 14.15 it came out in front of him and he managed to nail it. More pics on Martins website

  Over 30 Linnet were at Telegraph last week, with 10 also at Star Castle yesterday. There's been up to 15 Black-headed Gull at the airfield and I've seen the male Merlin all over the shop on the island most days. Yesterday I had both the 1st year Yellow-legged Gull at Porthloo and the 2nd winter Iceland Gull at Porth Mellon/tip.

I came across this immature female Peregrine getting stuck into a Moorhen which it had just killed. So as not disturb it, I stood still and stood there like a lemmon for what seemed hours. I didn't want to scare it and then me mobile went off. It was the boss! I whispered 'Hello' He didn't hear me and shouted 'Are you there? Hello!' I spoke a little louder 'Hello' 'What are you doing?' he asked. 'I'm looking at a Peregrine. Give us a sec and I'll give you a call' He didn't catch me right and thought I said, I pulled my grion from having sex and playing football' I was lost 'Eh?' Suddenly the Peregrine got up. I threw the mobile to the floor, but I wasn't ready for it and in the blink of an eye, it was gone!
A few days later I did have a very bad injury while playing football and the doc told me that I couldn't play for a few weeks. I was very upset.

2nd winter Iceland Gull at the tip

Up to 22 Meadow Pipits on the Garrison at the moment

A classic song by one of Britains best bands 'Drugs Don't work' If you don't know, it's about his nan dying and the drugs don't work. When my nan was on her last legs in hospital, the doc told us that she had only hours to live, and she asked to listen to Johnny Cash on my MP3 player? Two hours later we were told to leave and in all this time she had been listening to Cash. When I listened to my MP3 as we were leaving, to hear what she had been listening to, Drugs Don't Work was on! What are the chances of that?! The drugs worked on my nan, because she lived for another two bloody years, 103! 

This is my ant Do and nan having dinner with Muhammad Ali. I was just out the picture with the rest of the family. Cash (who she also met) and Ali were her heros. Ali is the one in the middle. I miss her so much. Afterwards he invited us back to his hotel where he was staying and I had a play fight with him and hit him in the face! 


  1. Lovely series of shots and well done with the Waterthrush.

  2. Thanks Mark. Martin did very well with the hand held camera and was lucky to come across the peregrine. I have no idea who took the photo of my nan and Ali.