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Monday, 19 December 2011

Tonn at San Felipe

There goes Tonn. The satellite radio-tracked Greater Spotted Eagle from Estonia

  We started off pretty late this morning and at 10.30 we were taking our time walking the paths around San Felipe Reserve. Just by the visitors center we could hear Penduline Tit. A few minutes later and there were 3 birds out in the open showing very well. However, they didn't show as well as the stunning male white-spotted Bluethroat, just a few meters down the path. Both Marsh Harrrier and Booted Eagle were enjoying the hot weather, with as many as 9-10 eagles in the air together. Nothing of note on the first lake, but as I was walking to have a look at the far lake, in the distance, a rather large raptor was flying low towards me. I put me bins up and identified it as Tonn, the Greater Spotted Eagle from Estonia. This time he showed a lot better than before and dewarfed a Marsh Harrier as it flew strongly just above the reeds. I was now following him with the scope from the hide and when he disappeared behind the trees, I looked down and there were 2 Black-necked Grebe at close range. Exsept for a Little Bittern calling close to the right of the hide, there was nothing else of interest. Returning back to the car and we got a female Hen Harrier playing fighting with a Buzzard and at least 6 more Bluethroat. None of them showing off like the first one we had earlier. This is my forth visit to San Felipe and I have not been let down by the birds.

We saw up to 3 Penduline Tit, 6-7 Bluethroat and lots of Fan-tailed Warbler around the reserve

We left the reserve and by car we started looking for the Cranes that are wintering in the nearby fields. There was no sign of the Cranes, but we were happy with close up views of many Cattle Egret, Southern Grey Shrike, Hoopoe, Serin, raptors, Grag Martin, Green Sandpiper, Black-winged Stilt and a stunning male Bluethroat.  Also, on the flooded area in the garden where we had the Temmink's Stint last week were 4 Little-ringed Plover, 1 Dunlin and now 13 Little Stint.  

This cracking male white-spotted Bluethroat was taking from the car

While waiting for the Bluethroat to come out, this male Serin appeared from nowhere.

This Buzzard flew off with a snake that it had just caught

Good numbers of Cattle Egret were at the side of the roads

13 Little Stint were still present on the small pool at the back of a garden

While waiting for Tonn and other raptors to come into roost at El Hondo, 10,000-12.000 Starling came into roost.

Looking from Bryan's house this evening

This, in my opinion, was the best cover, KT Tunstall singing 'Tangled up in Blue' when a number of British artist payed tribute to Bob Dylan. I love too many Dylan songs, but this has got to be one at the top!

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